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Uncut Magazine How does ‘Uncut’ magazine reach its target audience?

Uncut Magazine

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Uncut Magazine

How does ‘Uncut’ magazine reach its target audience?

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Reader Profile

• Rock, classic Indie• Buy the mag for: album and films review, Insightful features

on bands, music and movies• To find out about classic music/bands• Usually spend £792 on music and £300 on DVDs a year.• Average income of £29,263 a year.• Average male readership: 86%• Average age of: 37

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The masthead for Uncut magazine is clear and easy to read.The font has a classic look, and the colour scheme is veryNeutral (white with a dark shadow to make it stand out).Because ‘Uncut’ magazine in ‘NME’s ‘cooler older brother’, The mastheads are rather similar and make the magazineVery gender neutral (similar to NME).

The front cover has an image of Jimmy Hendrix, who is a relatable music artists who was current in around the 1960’s, 1970’s, linking with the target audience for uncut which is around men 35+. The image is also simple and sophisticated, with the background only having a black and white gradient effect. This also makes the image look rather dated, so doesn’t give a polished effect like most magazines e.g Q

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Like Jimmy Hendrix, the magazine also Contains starts which were relevant in the 1960’s onwards, such as Mark Bolan and Pete Townshend.

The colour scheme on the front coverAlso gives a very aged effect, the blackAnd white gradient background matches Well with the mustard yellow tones usedIn the font. The bright red is used toDraw attention to the magazine, but alsoContrasts well with the yellow.

The cover stories also link with the reader profile of wanting in depth storiesAnd music reviews.

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The contents title is in upper case black against a plain white background making it clearto read.

The contents list is on the left hand side of the page In one small list, with features at the top and regularsAt the bottom. Unlike most magazines the contentsAlso has more information on the articles and the Article titles are in bright red to make them easier to find and read. The magazine also contains film andMusic reviews.

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The left hand page of the double page spread Is for Jimmy Hendrix and has the title ‘Cry Freedom’ in feminine writing with to shades of blue. The background is White, and unlike most magazine the Article starts under the title and has an Editorial note. This links with the reader profile of ‘Uncut magazine; There audience buy it because they want an in depth view intoMusic and information on the latest upcoming bands.

The right hand page of the double page spread is of Jimmy Hendrix, linking with the article ‘Cry Freedom’. He is dressed in bright vibrant clothing with guns giving him a heroic look. The image is also very natural, with just a blurred background focusing on Jimmy Hendrix.