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We Are WritersHow to upload your work

First, go online and type in the address:

This takes you here:

Click on Childrens Login

You will arrive here:

Now type in the password its dingwall2015. Click Find my book.

You will see a screen like this:There will probably be a long list of other pupils work. Dont worry about that. All you need to do just now is click on the appropriate link: story, poem or letter.

Click one of these, as appropriate. If none seem right, choose the one thats closest.

Fill in all the boxes. The password is so you can go back and edit your chapter later.

Type in your pieces title. Then cut and paste (or type) your piece into the Your writing box. Then click Finished at the end.

Done! That wasnt so hard!You can go back to edit your piece further if you need to by following the same steps. If you are finished, all you have to do is log out and wait to see your name in print!


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