Urban spelunking

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with a bit of daniel's helpeoin

Text of Urban spelunking

  • Urban spelunking
  • What is Urban Spelunking
    • spelunking exploring of caves
    • Urban spelunking exploring structures made by people
    • You need:
      • expensive equipment waders powerful torches and sewage maps
      • to break in
      • An expensive camera
    • Risks:
      • Illegal
      • VERY dangerous as there is a risk of drowning
  • Londons 2 billion storm drain
  • Where is it practised?
    • Underneath large cities all over the world
    • Underneath central London
      • Londons sewage system built by Joseph Bazalgette in the 1860s.
      • He built 1100 miles of sewage systems out of brick
      • They explore old pipes as their easier to break into.
    • Underground
    • Pipe systems
    • Under the underground and city streets
    • They break into underground areas and explore pipe systems sewers. They then take beautiful photos.