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  • Welcome to Finland

  • Comenius ProjectWorking in Europe jobs from the past to the future!

    Welcome to KangasalaAntti LuomaHeadmaster

    Vatiala Elementary School

  • Finland in nutshell!

    Situated in northern Europe between Russia, Norway and Sweden

    Capital city: Helsinki

    Parliamentary democracy

    The President of Finland is Sauli Niinist

    Population about 5,3 million

    2 official languages: Finnish and Swedish

    The land of a thousand lakes(about 188 000 lakes)

    Forest covers about 75 % of Finland




    560 km

    1160 km

  • Tampere Region


    150 km



    Total 14,469.39 km2

    Population (2011)

    Total 491 472

    Density 34/km2

    Capital The City of Tampere

    White Wagtail Bird cherry flowers


  • Kangasala Municipality


    Municipal statusFounded in 1865Consolidation with the municipality of Sahalahti in 2005Consolidation with the municipality of Kuhmalahti in 2011

    AdministrationCity Council: 51 membersCity Board: 11 members

    Number of inhabitants: 30 000

    Total area870,85 km2, of which 212,83 km2 is covered by water

    EmploymentEncome tax rate 20.008835 jobs and 1855 enterprises

    Education20 day care centers which are owned by the municipality17 comprehensive schools, upper secondary school, vocational school

  • Education in KangasalaPupils on 28th of August 2011 3 727

    Class Preschool -6. 2 291

    Class 7.-9. 1 086

    Special education 35 (all in Vatiala)

    Senior high school aged 16-19 350 students 25 teachers

  • Many tourists come to Finland especially to see the phenomenon called the Aurora Borealis the northern lights)

    Winter is long, dark and coldbut during the summer we enjoythe midnight sun that never sets

    Finlands unique nature

    The land of a thousand lakes

  • Tampere

    Tampere-video (6:15)

    Founded on 1 October 1779 by King Gustav III of Sweden

    Tampere is the third largest city in Finland and the largest inland centre in the Nordic countries.

    Currently there are over 215,000 inhabitants in Tampere, and close to half a million inhabitants in Tampere Region, which comprises Tampere and its neighbouring municipalities.

    Tampere is one of the three most rapidly developing regions in Finland.

    Tampere is located on the banks of Tammerkoski rapids, between two lakes, Nsijrvi and Pyhjrvi

    Educational institutions University of Tampere Tampere University of Technology Tampere University of Applied sciences Some 20 other vocational institutes

  • Tampere City Center

  • Organisation Headmaster

    Antti Luoma


    Grade 0- 15 pupils- 1 teacher- 2 LSA

    Basic Education

    Grades 1-6- 410 pupils- 17 classes- 29 teachers-10 LSA

    Special needseducation

    Grades 0-9- 35 pupils- 5 classes- 5 special teachers- 15 LSA

    Assistant headmaster

    Jarkko Liuha


    Pivi Savolainen

  • Vatiala Elementary School in February


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