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2. Eateries At a Glance PRITIKA WAJAHAT ZAHRA AMEY VARDAAN 3. My Introduction Hello !!! Respected Teachers and my Friends, My name is Amey Pasari and I am a student of Vibgyor High School. I am in Grade IX-C ICSE Board. I was born in Kolkata and now living in Mumbai. My birth date is 22th May 1999.I am 14 years old. My hobbies are to play Cricket, Football and Table Tennis. My favorite vacation spot is in England.The most important moment of my life was when I saw the Stadium of Lords and Cardiff. I even went to Goa where there were beautiful beaches. I want to see the Statue of Liberty and the Madison Square in New York , USA. 4. Hello Everyone, I am Wajahat Naqvi. I am a student of grade IX in Vibgyor High . 5. Coming to sports, my passion is cricket. I am an ardent follower of soccer and I play badminton. My favourite subjects are Biology and Computer Applications. If I ever got a wish, then as an astronaut I will go outside our galaxy and explore the various nebulae, stars, etc. I have always been interested in performing various drama techniques. I have a profound interest in writing about topics related to Current Affairs. Looking forward to have an interesting experience ahead! 6. Zahra Lakdawala I believe I am a sociable, out going and fun loving person. I love to enjoy what I do! On the other hand I am also a motivated person who isnt afraid of working hard. I love interacting with different people as it provides me a spectrum of opinions. I also enjoy reading, writing and music of various forms. Hope you like my work in EUmIND 7. I AM BASICALLY A FRIENDLY PERSON. I LOVE TALKING A LOT. I ALSO LIKE READING BOOKS. THOUGH I AM NOT A VIVID READER, I READ BOOKS WHEN I GET TIME.I AM A THOROUGH HORROR READER BUT, NORMALLY DONT PREFER READING BOOKS WHICH INVOLVE MYSTERY BECAUSE BEING A CURIOUS PERSON I NORMALLY END UP READING THE LAST PAGES FIRST, SPOILNG THE FUN OF READING THE BOOK. SOME PEOPLE CALL ME A SENSITIVE PERSON, A PERSON WHO HAS CAPABILITY BUT DOES NOT USE HER BRAINS, BUT I AM HAPPY BEING ME. I AM A SELF OBSSESSED PERSON AS PEOPLE SAY AND I AGREE TO IT. PRITIKA MARAVOOR 8. Hi,my name is Vardaan Rao,I am 14 years old and I study in Vibgyor High Ive been in Vibgyor High since the past 8 years and Ive had some really good experiences in Vibgyor. Things I Like I like a lot of things but what I like mainly is Skateboarding,It makes me feel free and I enjoy it a lot,it relaxes me,I also like basketball a lot. The other things I like is to listen to music,The genre I prefer is Dubstep, Trance,Rap and so on. I dont have a favourite artist in particular. I have a very particular taste in food,I like Japanese and Chinese food,I am not very fond of Italian as I find it a little too bland. These are all the things I like.