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  1. 1. Del Valle High School : Leading The World Through Creative Partnerships- South Australia Magistrates Court and Findon H.S.
  2. 2. Getting young women involved in the legal profession Young women having good role models and mentors Not enough encouragement in secondary schools for young women to get into the legal profession
  3. 3. ExpandingThe Curriculum Young Women In Iran Participate In International Mock Trials
  4. 4. Judge Mc Grath Taking Legal Education To The Next Level
  5. 5. What got you interested in the law as a profession? My grandfather was a Law Clerk in India and he was a strong willed, determined man. I think he sowed the seed. I was very much the youngest indulged child in my family and a free spirit. I was anxious not to be locked into a career where I would feel stifled. I saw Law as a career where you had such a variety of opportunities and there were so many different forums locally and on a world stage that my enthusiasm and in a sense freedom would not be crushed.
  6. 6. What role do you see yourself playing in helping young students learn more about the law? I hope a significant one. I regularly have work experience students spend time with me. I enjoy these international mock trials with the high school students. Engaging, nurturing and encouraging these young open minds is refreshing and is an important and valuable two way relationship.
  7. 7. What are the biggest problems in doing the international conferences for you personally? There are no hurdles for me.The time set is before court so generally it can easily be accommodated.
  8. 8. What if any changes have you seen from the first video conferences to the ones you are seeing now? The technology has improved!There is no doubt that the standard and the preparation of the participants has improved. I expect this is not a reflection as to the earlier participants but as the program has evolved participants have increased their understanding of what is expected.
  9. 9. How has expanding your program to include schools all over the world helped your program? In 1993 I spent 6 months working at the District Attorney's Office in Los Angeles. I have a real understanding for the legal system in Los Angeles at least.Working in the same division as police and spending time at the jails, courts, on patrol and at views gave me an insight as to the value of thinking beyond my own jurisdiction and understanding law on a broader scale. I have visited courts and met with Judges in Chennai, India and I am keen to expand that interest to include other countries.
  10. 10. Findon High School Australia Helping Others Learn From Courtroom Experiences
  11. 11. What got you interested in the law? I have always been interested in crime/law shows like NCIS and Law & Order. I did Legal Studies inYr 11 and 12 when I was at school. I have always wanted to be a teacher ever since about the age of 8.
  12. 12. What is your role helping young students learn more about the law? I see myself more as a facilitator of my students and will try to bring out that passion that they too have for law
  13. 13. What are the biggest problems in doing the international conferences for you personally? It has helped our students to understand the different law and court systems all over the world.This has also explained that different countries have different laws and just how lucky in Australia we are to have the legal system we do. It has helped the students also appreciate the difficulties that some students overcome, i.e. when English is a second language and how amazing they are at debating/arguing their points.
  14. 14. What student growth have you observed since we began this program? I have seen that our kids seem to be more passionate, which may be a result of me trying to bring that out. The students themselves have developed more confidence.The scripts are becoming better and the arguments presented by both sides are becoming more sophisticated.The mock hearing on the 25th March was the best one I have seen.The DelValle School are always well prepared and amazing at arguing their point.
  15. 15. WorkedWith DelValle andWorld Class Schools for the past six years Writes Many Of MockTrial Cases ForThe Students R v Pedler Feb. 2015 R v Crosio March 2015 Coordinates All Courtroom Connections
  16. 16. Peter Cavouras Making A Difference In The World Today
  17. 17. Peter Cavouras A Leader In Education Bringing The World Together
  18. 18. We have created the beginnings of an international program bringing young women from all over the world into a real courtroom to give them practically experience In countries like Iran which outlaw women from becoming attorneys or judges- this may be an opportunity to sow the seeds of change in their minds

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