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  • 1. WHERE DO I FIND?A quick, virtual tour of Smith Library
  • 2. 1st Floor (Lower Level) Media Services Printing including color printing and large format Check out cameras, projectors, and more! Technology Lab Multimedia software Assistance with completing projects
  • 3. 1st Floor (Lower Level) Group Study areas Lots of DVDs! Microfilm Collection
  • 4. 1st Floor (Lower Level) Collaboration Stations: Plug in your laptop to a big monitor and work together! Instruction Lab Break Room: New Location of Free Coffee, Tea & Hot Chocolate 2 Classrooms Lecture Room One and Two
  • 5. 2nd Floor (main level) Powell Room: Quiet Study Area, autographed books and some of our special collections 2 large computer lab areas
  • 6. 2nd Floor (main level) Reference Desk (come here for help with research, citations, etc.) Go ahead and ask that librarian your question! Were here to help!
  • 7. 2nd Floor (main level) Circulation Desk (come here to check out items, and to return items) Reserves
  • 8. 2nd Floor (main level) Copier/fax machines Printers and scanners CDs to check out
  • 9. 2nd Floor (main level) Popular fiction/new books Magazines
  • 10. 3rd Floor Most of the books (including the Furniture Market Collection and the NC Historical Collection) Bound Periodicals Quiet Study! (Shhhh! No talking!)
  • 11. 4th Floor Academic Services, including: Tutoring Center Writing Center Disability Services Learning Excellence Program
  • 12. Still dont know where to findit?Call us at 336.841.9101 or 336.841.9002Email us at reference@highpoint.eduChat with us on the librarys home . Simply type yourquestion in the purple box on the lowerright of the page.