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Vladimir Lenin

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  • 1. Vladimir LeninAn Economist By ROBERT KARPINSKi

2. Background Information Born in 1870, Into an upper class Russian family Named Vladimir Ilyich Uylanov The namesake Lenin is from the river Lena 3. Marxism Marxism is the basis for Lenins political economic theory. Marxism was theorized by Karl Marx and Fredrick Engel'sThey Concluded that: The world is divided into the exploited and the exploiters People exploit each other because of personal property The exploited will eventually rise up and overthrow theexploiters, replacing capitalism with socialism. 4. Leninism Leninism, also associates personal property with exploitation. The revolution must be led by a vanguard of professional revolutionaries. The vanguards main job destabilizing the oppressive regime. Lenins followers were known as the Bolsheviks. 5. Russian RevolutionWW1 drastically destabilized the country, creating a lack of food and a tremendous amount of Russian casualties. 1916, The czar is overthrown, and a moderate interim government replaces the monarchy. 1917, the Bolshevik party comes to power after violently overthrowing the interim government. 6. Aftermath After coming to power in 1917. The state took control of all personal property, in effect ending it. Socialism & Communism did not end exploitation as was hoped, instead the state vastly misused its power and became totalitarian country. 7. The Fall Of Lenin1918, Lenin got shot in the neck at a rally: he slowly withdraws from politics, has three seizures, dies in 1923. 8. Bibliography Raymond, Carr.The Future That Didnt Work. 19 Jan. 2002. Marixst/Leninist Economics. 2000. Web. 22 Sept. Britannica Online. 22 Sep. 2009 Leninism. Encyclopedia Britannica. 2009. Encyclopedia Britannica. Encyclopedia

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