W06: Cover Letter Peer Review & Resume

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Text of W06: Cover Letter Peer Review & Resume

  • COMM 202W06: Resumes

    T35 & T36

    Hand in Cover Letter Drafts please :)Sit in groups of 5.

    Tutorial 4

  • Agenda

    1. Cover Letter Peer Review

    2. Accomplishment Statements

    3. Action Items

  • Cover LetterPeer Review

  • Instructions

    1. Write your table number on ALL your documents2. Put your documents in a pile in the middle of the table3. Get out your marking utensils

    Each new slide section


  • Formatting

    o Left aligned (NOT justified)o No indents on paragraphso Sections are apparent:

    1. Opening paragraph2. 2-3 Skills-Matching paragraphs

    (bullets are fine)3. Closing paragraph

  • Formatting - Address Line


    Contact NameTheir TitleCompanyAddressCity, Province Postal Code

    Re: Position Title

    Dear Mr. / Ms. Their Last Name OR Hiring Manager

    [Opening Paragraph]

    These spaces are important

    If unknown, this can be omitted

    AVOID:To Whom it May

    ConcernDear Sir or Madam

    Country is typically unnecessary unless applying outside of


    No indented paragraphs in a business letter

  • Formatting - Address Line

  • Formatting Sign off


    Your NameBCom Candidate 20XXSauder School of Business

    Attached: Resume


    Written signature optional (provide

    more space if including)

    Attached: Resume, Transcript

    Use Enclosed: only if sending application by mail

    BCom BTM Co-op Candidate 2016

    These spaces are important

  • Opening

    o How do you like the hook?o Is there keen, genuine interest and/or passion for the

    position?o Is there a clear expression of the skills/experience matching

    the job posting?o Is company research integrated (and indicates interest)?o If name drop is used, was it well-integrated?

  • Skills Matching

    o Are there specific skills matched to the job description?o Do they reference specific examples that leverage

    experiences/qualifications?o Are the highlighted experiences specific and concise?o Do they indicate transferrable skills?o Do the results show strength or success?o Suggested minimum of 2 skills/attributes matched

  • Conclusion

    o Are skills reiterated in a different (not redundant!) way?o Is sincere interest expressed?o Is there a gracious thank you and call to action

    o request for meeting?

  • Branding

    o Is their research insightful? Have they gone the distance to show how they will fit into the industry or organization?

    o Did they use Industry Terms?

  • Who would you hire?

    Of the applications on your table, who haso Who had the WOW factor?o Did they show CAN, WANT, & FIT?o What was GOOD about their application?o How can you improve yours?

  • Marking & Errors

    Spelling & Grammar Typos Formatting

    Missing Info Dashes vs. Hyphens Consistency

    2 or more errors on resume2 or more errors on cover letter

    Total potential deductions

    20% deducted (of total)20% deducted (of total)


  • ResumeAccomplishment Statements

  • From this(2011 & 2012)

  • To this!(2016 - Business)

  • Duty Based Accomplishment

    vsThis is a job description!This is how they know

    youre good at it!

  • Duty Based

    Developed website to boost traffic.



  • Duty Based

    Developed website to boost traffic.


    Boosted the websites average rate of monthly hits by 34% by updating it with new features and content

    such as an interactive world map, a student involvement section, and a homepage newsfeedall of which

    catered to local business students


  • A big change to STAR stories

    from STAR to RATS


    o Employers do not want to hear your story, but your accomplishments!

  • Flip it! (RATS Statements)

    Result (proof)




  • Action Verbs

    Attained ExceededMaximizedIncreased





    **Try not to repeat words!!

  • Results Types

    Qualitativeo Positive Feedback

    o Promotion/Increase in Responsibilities

    o Implementation

    o Awards

    o Examples?

    Quantitativeo How much?o How many?o Numberso Percentages

    o Examples?


  • Action A

    Do your results match up with your actions?

    Are those skills relevant to the job?

    What skills did you see?

  • Task & Situation

    o What other context is necessary to understand the information?


  • ACCOMPLISHMENTBoosted the websites average rate of monthly hits by 34%...

    by updating it with new features and content such as an interactive world map, a student involvement

    section, and a homepage newsfeed

    all of which catered to local

    business students




  • Examples

  • Activity

    Take one of your skills matching paragraphs and rewrite it as an

    accomplishment statement!

  • Action Items

    Skills Matrix due February 12th @ TurnItIn

    2 Hard copies of Resume Draft & an updated Cover Letter to next Tutorial! (also your job posting)

    Watch the resume e-module + review Outline to a Chronological Resume + Resume Style slidesbefore next tutorial!

    Sign up for office hours on COOL