Water Conservation in Sindh

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Conservation of water in Sindh

Text of Water Conservation in Sindh

  • 1. Ocean Water: The vast majority of water on the planet is the salt water in the oceans and seas. Fresh Surface Water: includes, rivers, streams, lakes, ponds and similar bodies of water. Groundwater: The majority of the planet's liquid freshwater is stored in underground. Water that enters an aquifer remains there for an average of 1,400 years!

2. Rainfall Annual rainfall (125mm in South-East to 750mm North-West). Total water generated by rainfall is 32 BCM Contribution to crops is 1020% Ground water Exploitation of Groundwater is 59 BCM Over 9,00,000 private tubewells 40% of total supply at farm-gate Surface Water Resources Total Inflow is 171 BCM. Tarbela (10.38 BCM 485 ft), Mangla (5.90 BCM - 380 ft) 48 Canals (61000 km), 19 Barrages 1,70,000 Watercourses (1.6 Million) 3. YearPopulation ( Million)Water Availability ( Per captia)195134530019614639501971652700198184210019911151600200014812002010168106620201969152025209850 4. Withdrawal Capacity In Cusecs Name Of BarrageYear Of CommissioningArea Commanded In Million Acres DesignedMax.Sukkur19327.6304753075488Kotri19563.0064159542473Gudu19632.179365004914312.81512562516710 4Total11 5. Contd/-12 6. TheProvincialDepartmentofIndustriesandEnvironment through its allied departments of M/s SITE Ltd and M/s SSIC is entrusted with the responsibilityoffacilitatingtheindustriesbyconditionsofproviding infrastructure. Throughenforcingtheleaseinstalling in-house treatment of effluent before its discharge into sewers to reduce water pollution.