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  • 1. What Do You Think CFA Will Do For You? Lets cut to the chase. If you think CFA is your answer, then here are some raw facts highlighting the benefits of a CFA Credential. Remember, it is not just another title to add to your name. It is about the knowledge gained and how it will shape your career depending on how hard YOU work for it.As can be inferred from the chart, a greater number of CFA professions fall under the category of "other." Although, research analysts, portfolio managers and executives are the most popular careers, the wide assortment of jobs available to CFAs contributes to such a large "other" category. The CFA Institute provides the following breakdown. Find the graph followed by the list:

2. 22% Portfolio Manager 16% Research Analyst 7% Chief Executive 6% Consultant 5% Corporate Financial Analyst 5% Financial Advisor 5% Relationship Managers, Sales, & Marketing 5% Risk Manager 4% Investment Banking Analyst 3% Manager of Managers 3% Accountant/Auditor 3% Strategist 3% Trader 1% Broker 1% Performance Measurement Specialist 1% Private Banker This chart is not going to guarantee you unlimited success and money. But what it will guarantee you is a direction. If what you are good at and what interests you falls in these categories, then CFA is the answer for you. Yes, hard-work and perseverance in cracking the exams is of utmost importance to you. But it is not a short-cut to success. Only the work you put in is going to guarantee your professional success. The Value of CFA in Organizations When you are faced with the rhetorical question Will the CFA be worth it?, what you do is fall back on old-fashioned techniques and do your research. You find out about surveys that compare the salaries 3. between CFA and non-CFA professionals. There are many such surveys online and they cover a variety of countries. Because the membership of CFA in different countries is growing, the value is also growing proportionately. CFA membership might be increasing in the United States, but it is increasing greatly in other countries that are now coming to realize the value and benefits of CFA and hiring one with a CFA Credential. According to Bob Johnson, former deputy CEO of the CFA Institute "that's a sign of growing interest in the certification by employers, and the greater availability of training at colleges."The Finish Line It is unmistakable that awareness about CFA is mounting and that there is a noteworthy advantage in terms of professional growth and reward for those who obtain it. Nonetheless, the choice to commit to the painstaking study necessary cannot be taken nonchalantly. The CFA Charter, although complex to obtain, provides fantastic benefits but only within certain business and industries sectors. The issue of whether to commit to pursuing the certification and consequent title requires introspection and research. If you ultimately decide to become a CFA candidate, ensure your resolution is based on a great zeal for investing and the matter to be studied. To put it simply, if your ambitions and strengths lie within the industries and careers that require the CFA designation, then it will make sense for you to commit to obtaining a CFA Credential. For reference purposes only: 4. To maintain confidentiality, we have stated a few companies and the salaries offered in no particular order. These placements are handled by EduPristine for India. So, from the given data you can see that it will make economic sense to you.Below, you will find the USD equivalent salaries offered by BlackRock as available on Google.If you have queries, feel free to post in the comments section below or visit our forum. All the best for your future endeavors!


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