White tiger novel by Arvind Adiga

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The White tiger By Arvind Adiga

The White tigerPrepared by Asmita k. Gond Arvind Adiga

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About Arvind AdigaWinner of man Booker prize in 2008He is a journalist and author by profession . He is an Australian citizen of Indian origin

Works of Arvind AdigaNovels: - Between the Assassinations and - Last man in Tower 2. Four short storiesThe Sultans BatterySmackLast Christmas in Bandra andThe Elephant

Genre : Fiction novel, Dark comedyDate of first pub.: April,22,2008Publisher: Harper Collins India,2008Narrator: Balram HalwaiProtagonist: Balram HalwaiAntagonist: Mr. AshokSetting: present day

Setting : Various locations in India including Delhi, Laxmangarh, and Dhanbad Bangalore

Rising Action: The book is written in the form letters written by the protagonist, Balram to a Chinese ambassador.

Point of view, The book brings to contrast disparity between progressive India cites and regressive Indian village.

The novel provides a darkly humorous perspective of Indias class struggle in a globalized world as told through a retrospective narration from Balram Halwai, a village boy.

Character ListBalram Halwai : The narrator of the novel grew up in Laxminagar in India. Hi lost his family very soon.Involve in crime and murder.Wanted to be rich man.

Balrams familyThe family of Balram was poor but very traditionalEvery members work hard for the well-being of their relatives

Vikram HalwaiVikram Halwai is the father of Krishna and his younger brother BalramHe works for his family as rickshaw puller in Laxmangarh.

Balrams motherBalrams mother was dead and considers crazy by Balrams grand mother.


Balrams grand mother was oldest member of the familyHe takes all decisions of her family

KIshanKishan was older brother of Balram and works in tea shop for the stork as well

DharamBalrams nephew He takes his nephew to Bangalore was considered his first journey.Dharma trust Balram blindly.

CousinsDilip: He attends Balram and Kishan to Dahod.

Meera: She is unmarried and the dowery is reason for Kishan to leave school and work for famiy.

Rina : She married with a boy from next village and for dowry Balram also has to do work.

UnclesUncles were doing back- breaking works to providing family.

AuntsBalrams aunts work with his cousins and his grand mother everyday in the courtyard .Every women has different works to do.

Themes in the novelMarriage themeLightness and darknessMarriage in IndiaGlobalizationThe cast systemIndias relationship to chinaFreedomIndividualismImmoral corruption

The Indian family

Chinas relationship to India

Lightness and darkness

Political corruption

Rich and poor divided in Arvind Adigas The White Tiger

Old morality v/s New moralityAnti hero Was a complax characterServentCar-driverAn entrepreneurAnd Murdrer

Socio economic crises

Corruption in giving the job.

Circumstances I am not a politician or a parliamentarian not one of those extraordinary men who can kill and move on, as if nothing had happened.

Balram and Macbeth

JourneyAn unexpected journey into a new IndiaIt was related with the idea of Name , Fame and Money