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W O N D E R W O R L D an event management company HQ: Block - 3, Flat No 1 - C, Street 51, G -9/1, Islamabad. TEL: 051-2251156 FAX: 051-2262313 CEL: 0300-9218262 / 0301-5139001 / 0300-2160044 EM@IL: wonderworldtheatre@gmail.com

Text of Wonder World Schools

  • 1. Company Portfolio

2. WONDER WORLD An Event Management Company 3. Introduction 4. Wonder Worldan Event Management Company, has been operating from 15 years in Pakistan, we started our successful career form Karachi with the Family Entertainment Activities and now willing to prolong it to a nationwide entertainment circle. We believe that our company is one of the most innovative company which has been working in the region with a difference. The difference lies in our Management, Presentation and Technical abilities.We offer a firm technical base, which allows creative elements to flow successfully; the project may be as simple as touch screen multimedia program. Wonder World is a professional arts company, which addresses the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual needs of children, youth and families through the creation and performance of contemporary dramatic works.We offer our clients the peace of mind that comes with having a secure and professional organization dedicated to creating exemplary productions and events. 5. Know-How 6. Event Management Product Launches / Re-Launches Thematic Strategic DesigningCompany Annual Celebration / Get-togethers Staging and Technical Directions Hi-Fi Sound Projects Promotional ActivitiesSchools/Apartments/Road Shows/Outlets/ Shop Converting etc Kidz Entertainment Activities Puppet Shows / Magic Shows/ Acrobats etc.In house ManufacturingInflatable Accessories / Branded Costumes / Products Mascots Musical Programs Live Concerts / Ghazal Evening / Artists Booking etc. Family Entertainment ActivitiesWedding / Mehndi / Birthday Parties / Private Parties etc. PromotionalAdvertising / Jingles / Promos / Giveaways etc. 7. Proposal 8.

  • To, The School Management,
  • Subject: Proposal Of Kids Entertainment Activities
  • Respected Sir / Madam, We Wonder World an event management company is offering for conducting the fabulous activities include:
    • International Juggler Show RS:5000/-
    • Grand Magic ShowRS:5000/-
    • Sound System RS:3000/-
    • One Cartoon Character RS:1000/-
    • Face PaintingRS:1500/-
    • TransportationRS:1000/-
  • Now Introducing Exclusive Package(Limited Time Offer)
  • All in One(Complete Entertainment Package) RS:15,000/-
  • The said activity will be across only in different A+ - A - B Educational institute of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. For this purpose, we desire your co-operation through permitting us to arrange one-day activity in your Institute/School (duration 45 Min). This activity will be conducted at Play area / Ground in between the P.T. period or Break.
  • This whole activity will be conducted without disturbing the norms of the schools.
  • Were awaiting for kind reply with confirmation and advance payment.
  • In the meantime, Thanking you

9. Reference Gallery 10. 11. Contact Info! HQ:Block - 3, Flat No 1-C, Street 51, G-9/1,Islamabad. MOB: 0300-9218262 / 0301-5139001 /0300-2160044 PH:051-2251156 FAX:051-2262313 Em@il:[email_address] [email_address] Web:www.wonderworldtheatre.com(Under Construction) Please Copy and Paste into your browser: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_type=&search_query=wonderworldtheatre&aq=f 12. THANKING YOU