Wow haiku and wizi q for teaching literacy skills

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Updated WOW Project


  • 1. Haiku and WiziQ for Teaching Literacy Skills By Deanna Lopez Ed 567 Literacy and Technology Wow Project Summer 2010

2. Educating 21 stCentury Learners

  • Education as we may have know it is drastically changing to meet the needs of our 21 stcentury Learners.
  • Teachers strive to incorporate the use of technology to create a Classroom 2.0 learning environment for their students.

3. Integrating Technology

  • Haiku and WiZiQ are two websites for teachers to use to incorporate technology into their classrooms.
  • Through e-teaching and e-learning teachers can use Haiku and WiZiQ to incorporate technology into the curriculum.

4. Haiku

  • Haiku Learning Management System is a way for teachers to create an e-class. By creating the following for their class.
  • Online lessons
  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Manage discussion
  • Auto grade assignments

5. Benefits of using Haiku

  • Haiku Learning Management Systems is a user-friendly site that allows teachers to assign homework, administer content, provide practice quizzes and assessments for their students, auto grade and collaborate with students all on-line. Creating an e-class.

6. WiZiQ

  • WiZiQ is a web based platform that allows teachers and students to communicate in real time using:
  • Web Cams
  • Audio (2-way audio)
  • Texts Chats
  • Power points
  • Whiteboard

7. Benefits of WiZiQ

  • WiZiQ is a virtual classroom that allows teachers to instruct and collaborate with students in real time.
  • Teachers and students can use Whiteboards and/or Power Point presentations to enhance learning or to present assigned projects.

8. Similarities

  • Both Haiku and QiZiQ offer:
  • Free online e-class environments
  • Offer e-teaching experiences
  • Offer e-learning experiences
  • Provide collaboration between teacher and students
  • User-friendly sites

9. Differences

  • Haiku
  • Teachers can post assignments, tests and grade for students to access on this site.
  • Teachers communicate with students through messaging.
  • WiZiQ
  • Teachers meet with students in real time through a virtual classroom from anywhere around the world
  • Collaborate through various communication tools, Whiteboards and Power Point presentations.

10. WiZiQ Video


11. Haiku LMS Video


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