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Narayanan MuraliAkash Kaushik1. X played in both cricket as well as football world cups. He represented Y in the football world cup and Z in the cricket world cup. Identify X,Y and Z.

X Viv RichardsY- AntiguaZ- West Indies2.Name the 3 players who have represented two different countries in the cricket world cup. 1. Anderson Cummins West Indies and Canada 2. Kepler Wessels Australia and SA 3. Graeme Hick Zimbabwe and England3.X has a nickname after an African tribe. He was known for his unique playing style which resembled playing styles of another sport, Y. X also till date has the highest batting average in the tournament. Identify X.X- Lance Klusener

4. X was described by his captain Y as someone better than Sachin Tendulkar. He came into the limelight after his swashbuckling 37 ball 60 runs against Z , the hosts that knocked them out. Identify all.X InzamamY- Imran KhanZ- New Zealand5. Identify the below player and the batsman he caught in this iconic catch.

Dwayne Leverock of Bermuda. He caught Robin Uthappa.6. After this famous (rather infamous) incident a new rule was brought into cricket. Name the rule. Extra brownie points if you guess the incident.

It was the 1992 WC semifinal between SA and England. SA needed 22 off 13 balls. After rain came pouring down it was revised to 22 off 7 balls before it became 22 off 1 ball due to the rain rule. This led to the introduction of the Duckworth Lewis rule.7. The number of African countries that have played in the world cup.5. South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Namibia and East Africa.8. Connect

Steve Waugh to Gibbs after he dropped his catch You dropped the cup mate !!9.Anhonee ko honi kar de, honi ko anhonee ! Ek jagah jab jama hon tinoh - Rajni, Gajni aur Dhoni !!!!! .Who tweeted the above line and what occasion was it?Amitabh Bachchan during the 2011 WC final.10. This legendary player has the unique distinction of playing in the first 6 world cups. Name him.Javed Miandad

11.What unique feat did this player achieve?

Chetan Sharma took the first hat trick in WC history against NZ in the 1987 edition12. Connect

Only players to win 3 World cups !!13. In 1983, X captained his unsung team to an upset victory. For the last decade though, he has achieved fame (and some infamy as well) in another capacity in cricket. Name X.X- Duncan Fletcher14. Connect

Man of the tournament award winners.15. "It felt like playing football with both hands tied behind my back." Tweeted X after a match in the 2011 world cup in familiar dew filled conditions. In his last world cup tournament he was his countrys highest wicket taker. Name X.X- Graeme Swann

16. This interesting cricketer was born in 1947 in Egypt. He was of Greek origin. He represented two countries separated by a gap of 13 years. He made his world cup debut in 1983 at the age of 36. Name the cricketer.*John Traicos. He represented South Africa in 1970 in test cricket before they were exiled. He made his WC debut in 1983 for Zimbabwe.17. In 1987 when World Cup was handed over to India and Pakistan, they faced a real problem of finding a sponsor for the mega event. They met a successful London-based Indian businessman who readily offered to make the payment and sponsor the World Cup but the then Indian prime minister, X , expressed his discomfort with a UK-based business holding title rights for a tournament being conducted in India. So the organizer settled on textile tycoon Y. But Y had one condition that he be seated next to the Prime Minister X during an exhibition match between India and Pakistan held just before the World Cup, which would be broadcast live on national television to send the message that he enjoyed warm relations with the government. Identify X and Y.X- Rajiv GandhiY- Dhirubhai Ambani18.1.)Don Pringle Derek Pringle2.)Lance Cairns -Chris Cairns3.)Chris Broad Stuart Broad4.)5.)

After WC 2015 , there will be 2 new entries in this elite group. Fill the entries.Roger Binny Stuart BinnyGeoff Marsh Mitchell Marsh19. East Africa played in 1975 WC .Which countries sent team members to play in the East African team?Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia20. Only player to get out hit wicket in a WC final

A) Roy FredericksB) Clive LloydC) Mohinder AmarnathD) Lance CairnsA) Roy Fredericks21. In reply to West Indies' 286 for 9 in 1979 WC final , England made good start , getting to tea without losing any wicket , with X taking 17 overs to get into double figures. Just after tea Clive Lloyd dropped a simple catch of X. A lot of people suggested he put [the catch] down purposefully just to keep him in. ID XGeoff Boycott22. First player to score century in World Cup history.A) Geoff BoycottB) Dennis AmissC) G ViswanathD) Rohan KanhaiB) Dennis Amiss23. First Indian Player to score century in world cup

A) Mohinder amarnathB) Kapil DevC) G ViswanathD) Sunil GavaskarB) Kapil Dev24. Which bowlers action was taken for the 1999 World Cup graphical logo

Debasish Mohanty25. In the match against ZIM in 1983 WC, Kapil Dev scored 175 runs. What was the second highest score by an Indian in the match and who hit those runs?24 by Syed Kirmani26. Name the person who has been part of four WC finals but not in the same role.Hint: 3 WC as a player and last WC in a different roleClive Lloyd 1975,79,83 as a player 1996 as a match referee27. Name the umpire who stood in maximum number of world cup finals.Steve Bucknor28. The captain of one of the minnows ,after a match between South Africa and his team X, said "Before the game we said let's make history today by beating South Africa. We made history, but not by beating them" . Id the OccasionHerschelle Gibbs who created a record by smashing 6 sixes against Netherlands.29. The only team that has never won a single knockout game is X, who have no wins from three semi-finals and two quarter-finals.South Africa30. X has appeared in 134 test matches but has never played in the world cup. This is the most by any Test batsman without having played a World Cup. Identify X.VVS Laxman31. Who holds the record for the highest individual score by a batsman from a non test playing team?*David Houghton of Zimbabwe who scored 142 in the 1987 edition against NZ. In 1987, Zimbabwe had not been accorded the test status.32. Complete the sequence:Clive LloydViv RichardsAravinda De SilvaRicky PontingAdam GilchristXIdentify X.X- Mahela Jayawardene All centurions in the WC final.33. Identify the bowler and his achievement.

Geoff Allott of NZ. With 20 wickets he was the highest wicket taker in the 1999 WC.

34. Name the bowler, the batsman and the reason why this image is iconic.The bowler- Balwinder SandhuThe batsman Gordon GreenidgeThis delivery became famous as the Banana Skin delivery.35. In a crunch situation, X the non striker, backed up too far and was out of the crease. But Y, the bowler refused to run him out. For this act of sportsmanship, Y was gifted a hand woven carpet by a fan from Xs country. Identify X and Y.X- Saleem JaffarY- Courtney Walsh