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Wylde Green Primary School - Meet the teachers Presentation September 2014


<ul><li> 1. Welcome Parents!Year 3</li></ul> <p> 2. Staff in this year Class teachers are Miss Coshan and MissHorne.We are also lucky enough to be supportedevery Tuesday and Thursday morning byMrs Wheldon. Miss Smith works with 3Heveryday as well as Mrs Murphy and MrLynn who work with both classes. 3. ClassroomSchedule8:55 9:05 SODA and registration.9:05 9:35 Guided Reading9:35 10:35 Literacy10:35 10:50 Assembly10:50 11:05 Break Time11:05 12:05 Numeracy12:05 12:35 Handwriting/Mental Maths/SPAG12:35 1:30 Lunch1:30 3:20 Topic3:30 School is dismissedThis is what a typical day in ourclassroom looks like. 4. Topics covered this year areTomb Raiders The Ancient EgyptiansChina The Shang Dynasty of Ancient ChinaExtreme Survival Adapting to different climates and environmentsTransport Aviation and ExplorationMeet the Flintstones Britain in the Stone, Iron and Bronze Age 5. HomeworkPower Projects! These will be given out each week or two weeks (on a Friday) and the children can choose from thegiven section which task to have a go at.Spellings these will be given out every Tuesday and tested every Friday.Mental Maths the children will be given mental maths questions or topics to learn every Wednesday they willbe tested the following Wednesday.Mathletics the children have been given a login for an online Numeracy resource. 6. TimetableMonday Children learn Italian.Tuesday Children should return their reading books.Wednesday Children will need to bring in their library books.Children in 3H will require their indoor P.E kits.Children in 3C will require their swimming kits.Thursday - Year 3 will require their outdoor PE kits.Year 3 should return their reading books.Friday - Power Projects may be due in. 7. Maths WorkshopsThe Year 3 maths workshop will be on Thursday 9th October 2014.This years workshop will focus on our new online Maths resource Mathletics.Parents are expected to attend. 8. BehaviourAt Wylde Green we are trying to improve childrens learning behaviour by changing thevocabulary that we use with them and our systems for monitoring behaviour.Children are asked to make the right choice with their behaviour and understand that theconsequences are as follows:Warning.Move down the ladder ONCE.Move down again. Once they have moved 3 times, they will be issued a Yellow Card and willspend the next morning break.Red cards are issued for serious offences such as fighting (including play fighting),damaging property and serious disrespect. 9. Reading Comments Your child will be listened to read at least once a week during their guidedreading session. It is still really important for you to listen to your child read atleast twice a week if possible. You are expected to complete and sign their Reading Record with them. 10. Questions? 11. Lets Have aGreat Year! </p>