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Wylde Green Primary School - Meet the teachers Presentation September 2014


  • 1. Welcome Parents!Year 5

2. Staff in this year Class teachers are Mrs Bains and Mr Taylor. Miss Flora is an additional teacher in Year 5 targeting in Reading andWriting. She also continues to teach her Numeracy set. Mrs Targett (was Miss Ward) is our Teaching Assistant who isprimarily based with a specific child in 5T who also carries outinterventions and support throughout the year group. 3. ClassroomSchedule8:55 9:05 SODA and registration.9:05 9:35 Guided Reading9:35 10:35 Numeracy10:35 10:50 Assembly10:50 11:05 Break Time11:05 12:05 Literacy12:05 12:35 Handwriting/Mental Maths/SPAG12:35 1:30 Lunch1:30 3:20 Topic3:30 School is dismissedThis is what a typical day in ourclassroom looks like. 4. If this is the answer what could the question be?Sun 5. Topics covered this year areWild WatersThe Great WarInvaders (Angles, Saxons and Scots)Mexico and the MayansBritain at play (Leisure and Entertainment in the 20th CenturyWalls and Barricades 6. Whats new? SODA Literacy, Numeracy and thinking skills based activities to start the day. POWER PROJECTS Mathletics http://www.mathletics.co.uk/ Bug Club http://www.bugclub.co.uk/ 7. This half terms POWerProject is:Water all around usChoose projects to achieve your 5 POWerPoints. You can add with your own ideastoo! Tick off what you have completed toachieve your points3 POWer Points:Develop your creativity: Make a model to explain the journey of ariver. Design an invention to help people who livein areas prone to flooding for Dragons Den. Use your choice of materials to create apicture of a water scene (maybe a canal,stream or sea).2 POWer Points:Extend your research skills: Research how we get water into ourhomes. Create a diagram. Research paintings of waterrivers,lakes and seas write a little about yourfavourite style of painting. Research how charities such as WATERAID help people in need. Create a bookletto explain. Water is cleaned for us to use in ourhomes... Where does it go?2 POWer Points:Explore your mathematical/entrepreneurial skills: Carry out a water survey. How muchwater is used in your home? Present yourdata in charts and graphs. Plan a journey down one of the worldsrivers. How long would it take? How far?What provisions? Cost? Plan a charity event to raise money forthose in needflooding. How would youadvertise? What would you need to plan?How much would it cost? How will yourecord how much your raise?1 POWer Point:Explore: http://www.primaryhomeworkhelp.co.uk/rivers.html Rivers in our locality (BE SAFE!). 8. HomeworkPower Projects! These will be given out each week or two weeks (on a Friday) and the childrencan choose from the given section which task to have a go at.Spellings these will be given out every Monday and tested every Friday.Mathletics the children have been given a login for an online Numeracy resource. 9. TimetableTuesday Children should return their reading books.Children will require their indoor PE kits.Thursday Children should return their reading booksChildren will need their outdoor PE kitsFriday - Power Project activity given out/ due in. 10. Maths WorkshopsThe Year 5 maths workshop will be on:Mr Taylor: Tuesday 16th OctoberMiss Flora: Tuesday 16th OctoberParents are expected to attend. 11. BehaviourAt Wylde Green we are trying to improve childrens learning behaviour by changing thevocabulary that we use with them and our systems for monitoring behaviour.Children are asked to make the right choice with their behaviour and understand that theconsequences are as follows:Warning.Move down the ladder ONCE.Move down again. Once they have moved 3 times, they will be issued a Yellow Card and willspend the next morning break.Red cards are issued for serious offences such as fighting (including play fighting), damagingproperty and serious disrespect. 12. Reading Comments Your child will be listened to read once/week during their guided reading session. It is stillreally important for you to listen to your child read at least twice a week if possible. You are expected to complete and sign their Reading Record with them. 13. Questions? 14. Lets Have aGreat Year!


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