Young learners should have fun with english

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  1. 1. Young learners should have fun with English Teaching English to young learners has become a trend nowadays. In every school, English is taught as one of the main subjects. In teaching young learners is not like teaching adults, children have their own way of learning. Since children like to play and have fun, the learning and teaching process should be suited with the nature of the children themselves. One of the forms of fun activities for children is through music, and songs are the common form of music that children know. Who are the children? Review of both theoretical treatise and research-based reports which are underpinned by socio-cultural theories which strive to understand children from childrens own perspectives will lead us to a clear conclusion that children are children not little adults. As repeatedly shown in peer culture studies, children have their own culture ways of doing things which are different from that of adults. Given this thinking, children should be treated and appreciated in their own right. The works of Bruner (1996) and later works of Piaget (1975) have provided very useful insights into how children learn. More specifiacally, Bruner (1996) proposes a hierarchy of childrens learning modes: enactive (which means relying on physical activities), iconic (which represents residual mental images resulting from the contacts with material entities), and symbolic (which comes later by way of symbolic means such as language).


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