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Zora Neale Hurston

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  1. 1. Zora Neale Hurston
    • January 7, 1891 January 28, 1960
  2. 2. Zora Neale Hurston
    • Born in Alabama in 1891
    • Moved to Florida to the first black township where her father became the mayor
    • Her mom died when she was 13 and she began to follow a different path to discover herself
  3. 3. Education
    • After her mom died she quit school and started working various jobs
    • At 26, she decided to return to school claiming she was only 16 to receive free schooling
    • Graduated from Bernard College in 1928
  4. 4. Writings
    • Wrote Spunk followed by Color Struck, a play
    • Wrote many books, Their Eyes Were Watching God is the most well known
    • She had many articles published in magazines, Opportunity being one of them
  5. 5. End of Zoras Life
    • Stopped writing
    • Had a stroke in 1959
    • Died in 1960 from hypertensive heart disease
    • Buried in an unmarked grave in the Garden of Heavenly Rest in Fort Pierce
    • Alice Walker discovered her grave and wrote a book about it
  6. 6. Other Interesting Facts
    • She practiced hoodoo and black magic and wrote about it
    • Accused of molesting her landladys mentally disturbed 10 year old son, the case was dropped but the media portrayed her in a bad light

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