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  • 1. Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, That's what I'm not: Digi Pack analysisThe cover image used on the ArcticMonkeys album features a black andwhite image of a man, probably in histhirties, smoking a cigarette. This givesthe album cover a laid back feel as itfeatures a man who isnt famous makingit approachable. The photo is of ChrisMcClure, a friend of the band, they saidit was taken in the early hours of themorning in Korova bar in Liverpool, afterthe band had given him, his cousin andhis best friend seventy quid to spendon a night out". This is evident as theimage looks raw and down to earth.In terms of iconography there are lots of thing within the Digi pack that contribute to therelaxed (if not stoner) style including the dark hooded eyes on Chris as he does a relaxedstare into the camera, the cigarette between his fingers and the used cigarette buttsplastered over the CD disk. Chris buzz cut suggests a tough lifestyle contributing to hisrugged exterior.As said above the image is of ChrisMcClure. This was an unusual choice forthe band to use an image of anotherbands front man on their album coverbut his Average appearance relaxes thealbum style and complements the laidback indie genre, despite the fact thathis appearance is quite rough makinghim look quite thug like or troublesomeas he is smoking a cigarette & hishooded eyes suggest drug use.The disk is also a black and whiteimage and is covered in usedcigarette butts. Cigarettes give manydifferent connotations of some ofwhich are based around style andcigarettes acting as an accessory inorder to look seductive or free andcareless but on the other hand theycan represent illness, poverty andcrime ETCthis is also clear whenyou see the after effect on the back.I believe this cover does both. Dueto Chris rough appearance but asits on an album cover its done foreffect and style.The CD cover doesnt actually state the name of the album being whatever people say I amthats what Im not but it does have the band name written in their signature font. This actsas a brand image/logo and although its hard to read its recognisable. Its surrounded by awhite rectangle with rounded edges and the text is cut out. The writing on the back of theCD is a lot clearer to read. Its in a white sans serif font against a black/grey background.

2. The Front and back cover images are close up shots taken shortly aftereach other capturing his reaction to the cigarette. The disk image is a closeup of multiple cigarettes making it look like an ashtray. All of the imagesare edited in black and white to continue the ongoing theme. The use ofblack and white leaves a subtlety of tones and make the image appear rawand stripped back.The Insert cover is very minimal in design and continues the black andwhite theme just like the rest of the Digi pack. It is a black/grey backgroundwith a white font saying Whatever people say I am, thats what Im not.The overall CD Digi pack continues the relaxed theme and the black andwhite design easily flows. The Digi pack follows Laceys repertoire ofelements; being Narrative (an average British mans night out or lifestyle),Character (Chris McClure), Iconography (rough lifestyle and drug use),setting (either at home or in a pub by a window with closed curtains) andTechnical and audio codes (the use of black and white and many close upsmaking it feel more intimate and like you know the character).By GeorgiaMcLaughlinCover of inside bookletExtra images1) Chris McClure cover star2) Other shots of the cover image3) The arctic monkeys