Cloud computing and security final

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Cloud Computing and security

Cloud Computing and securityWith Homomorphic EncryptionThe Conclusion

Session 1-Intro To CloudWhat is Cloud?Types of CloudComponentsAdvantagesDisadvantage

Session 2-Basics of SecurityPrinciples of SecurityTypes of attacksCryptography techniquesTypes of CryptographyHashing-Physical & DigitalData level Security

Session 3-Homorphic EncryptionVarious AlgorithmsRSAAn Example (sort of!)Conclusion

PapersKutub Thakur, An Investigation on Cyber Security Threats and Security Models, 2015 IEEEMaha TEBAA and EL HAJII, Secure Cloud Computing through Homomorphic Encryption", University Mohammed VAgdalDarko Hrestak and Stjepan Picek, Homomorphic Encryption in the cloud", University of Zagreb, Croatia.

Some AlgorithmsRSA Digital Signatures, iBanking, Credit Card TransactionsPaillier Algorithm E Voting systemsEnhanced Homomorphic Cryptosystem(EHC)-Efficient Secure Message transmission in mobile AdHoc NetworksBGV Encryption Scheme - Encrypt bits, Security of integer polynomials

Insight into RSAKey GenerationStep 1 : Each user generates a public-private key pair by selecting two large primes at random say p & q. Step 2 : Computing RSA-modulus N = p . q & (N) = (p-1) (q-1). Step 3 : Selecting at random, the encryption key e where, 1


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