Gsm based advance security and rtealtime vehicle tracking using gps technolgy 3

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Innovative project of electronics and real time embedded system using the application of GPS and GSM technology.

Text of Gsm based advance security and rtealtime vehicle tracking using gps technolgy 3


2. A PROJECT PRESENTATIONGSM BASED ADVANCE SECURITY ANDREALTIME VEHICLE TRACKING USINGGPS TECHNOLOGYPrepared By:PATEL HARDIK J (090220111004)THAKKAR NILESH H (090220111013)PATEL DARSHAN J (090220111048)Guided By:Prof. S L BHARVADON 3. CONTENT Abstract Objective Function Block Diagram Working Diagram Circuit Diagram Components Features Application Conclusion 4. ABSTRACT In present life we all people cant live without transportation service forproper and perfect communication. We also know that vehicle (car,truck,etc..) play an important role intodays transportation service. The present vehicle(car,truck,etc..) alarm system are still of no match tothe well-equiped thieves. So,we are going to introduces and describes the project offering higherlevel of vehicle (car,truck,etc..) security system. 5. OBJECTIVEThis project is capable of providing an effective two way communicationbetween the alarm system and the vehicle(car,truck,etc..) owner. Additionally the vehicle(car,truck,etc..) owner can remotely control manyof the cars feature anytime and anywhere via cellphone using GSMtechnology. Based on GPS technology this system has also potential to providerealtime vehicle (car,truck,etc..) tracking , which we can include as aenhancement of this project over conventional security system of vehicle(car,truck,etc..). 6. FUNCTIONLocation Tracking Vehicle (car,truck,etc..) Turnoff 7. BLOCK DIAGRAM 8. WORKING DIAGRAM 9. CIRCUIT DIAGRAM 10. COMPONENTSMicrocontroller AT89S52GSM Modem For Remote CommunicationGPS Receiver For Location InformationRelayBuzzer 11. MicrocontrollerAT89S52The microcontroller is the heart of this device.Microcontroller is a small computer on a single integrated circuitcontaining a processor core, data memory and programmableinput/output peripherals. It is the interface between the GSM module and the GPS receiver. Microcontroller is programmed in such a way that it stimulates the GSMmodem in message forwarding when a request is send by the user. 12. Microcontrollers are much smaller and simplified so that theycan include all the functions required on a single chip. Having the microcontroller is of great use, as it has low designcost and add intelligence to the system. 13. PIN CONFIGURATION 14. GSM ModemA GSM modem is a specialized typeof modem which accepts a SIM card,and operates over a subscription to amobile operator, just like a mobilephone.GSM (Global System for Mobile) uses a process called circuit switching.This method of communication allows a path to be established between twodevices. Once the two devices are connected, a constant stream of digital data isrelayed. so by sending the command in the form of SMS we can control previouslymentioned features of vehicle remotely. 15. GPS ReceiverThe Global Positioning System (GPS) isthe only fully functional GlobalNavigation System.The GPS uses a constellation ofMedium Earth Orbit satellites thattransmit precise microwave signals that enable GPS receivers todetermine their location, speed, direction, and time.A GPS receiver receives the signals from at least three satellites tocalculate distance and uses a triangulation technique to compute its twodimension (latitude and longitude) position. 16. Therefore GPS is a key technology for giving device its position. 17. Application software used for location tracking 18. RelayRelays are electrical switches that open or closeanother circuit under certain conditions.Electrical relays control the flow of electricity to various components oflarger circuits.Relays are generally used to protect circuit from damage due to highelectrical ratings.In this project relay is used to show the demonstration of working of realtime application device Solenoid Valve 19. BuzzerBuzzers are simply a musical tone oscillatordesigned for audible indication of some alerts.Buzzers are generally electricaly operated devicefor indication.Buzzer used in this project is simple pin terminal type buzzer for alertoperation.In this project Buzzer is used for audio indication of operation performedby device according to user command. 20. FEATURESRemote Communication Using GSM Modem Sends Location In The Form Of Latitude & Longitude Reliable For Remote Tracking Advance security in form of stolen alert and vehicle turn off 21. APPLICATIONSVehicle tracking Animal tracking Vehicle security application Ambulance tracking 22. REFERENCES Guides :INTERNAL: prof. S L BHARVAD BOOK :8051 microcontroller & embeddedsystems-By Mazidi MuhammadWEB 23. FRIENDSYOUTHANK