Howto install Debian GNU/Linux (¦‚½•®‰è£‌ Debian GNU/Linux)

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A short note to share how to install Debian GNU/Linux. 分享如何安裝 Debian GNU/Linux 的一篇簡短的筆記。

Text of Howto install Debian GNU/Linux (¦‚½•®‰è£‌...

  • 1. Debian GNU/LinuxHow to Install Debian GNU/Linux(Shau-Hung Hsieh)shauhung@gmail.com201496

2. Debian GNU/LinuxUbuntuLinux MintopenSUSE(Linux Distribution) DebianDebianLinux Debian SSHDebian stableDebian GNU/Linux 7 (Wheezy) Debian Debian UbuntuLinux Mint 3. Debian1993816Ian Murdock DebraIan Murdock1996Bruce PerensDebianDebian 20044261.1(1997751.0) Debian100%(Debian will remain 100% free)Debian usDebian 3.1 (Sarge) 4. Linux (Distribution) Debian Debian stable Debian Debian Debian release timeline Debian Debian Debian (moto)motoDebianDebian Hong Kong Linux User GroupWiKiInstall_Debian Debian GNU/Linux 6.0 (Squeeze)Debian 7 (Wheezy) 5. Debian small installation imageDebian20147127.6 64 64-bit PC netinst iso (debian-7.6.0-amd64-netinst.iso) ISO Linux ISOUSB USBUSB sudo cp debian-7.6.0-amd64- netinst.iso /dev/sdXsudo syncUSB/dev/ sdXUSBLinux 6. Debian VMware Player USB Debian installer boot menuDebian (Graphical install) (Install) (Graphical install) TAB (Space) 7. Chinese (Traditional) - ()Debian SSH English locale SSH EnglishC (No localization) 8. (location) otherAsiaTaiwan 9. localelocale LC_CTYPE ()LC_MESSAGES ()LC_TIME ()LC_ NUMERIC ()LC_MONETARY () LC_COLLATE ()(Language code)(Country code)ISO-639 zh(Chinese) ISO-3166TW(Taiwan)zh_TW.UTF-8English en_US.UTF-8keymapAmerican English 10. (network) HostnameDomain name Debian 11. root Linuxroot rootsudo root sudo Debian root root disable (initial user) sudoroot root disable sudo passwd -l root 12. root (initial user) root sudo root Debian sudo/etc/ sudoerssudo 13. GNU/Linux(/)(/ home)SwapSwap2GB4GB SwapSwapLinuxroot /home(/home) (/)SwapLinux VMware PlayerDebian (/)SwapManualLinuxLinuxLinux Windows Debian Windows 14. VMware Player Debian VMware Player 320GB SCSIDebian 343.6GB 320GB 298GB VMware Player 320GB 320102410241024Bytes Debian 343.6100010001000Bytes SCSIEnter partition table YESpartition table 15. Debian partition table343.6GB Free Space Free Space Enter Free SpaceCreate a new partition partition 341.6GB partition(/) 16. partitionprimary partitionlogical partition partitionprimary partitionBeginning partitionpartitionEnterpartition 1.Use asExt42.Mount point/ 3.Bootable flagon partition Done setting up the partitionEnter 17. Swap partitionFree SpaceEnter Create a new partition partition partition partition sizemax partition primary partition 18. partitionUse asswap area Done setting up the partitionswapRed Hat Enterprise Linux 4 swap256MBswap2GB 2GBswap2GB swap4GB2GBswap 2GBswap4GB2GB 3GBswap4GB+(3- 2)*1GB=5GBLinuxLinuxswap swap Linuxswap swapswap swap 2GBswap 19. partition Finish partitioning and write changes to disk partition 20. (package) (Taiwan) 21. mirror HTTP proxy ( NCHC) mirror 22. popularity-contest (script) Debian (package) Debian popularity-contest Debian popularity-contest (ctime)(atime) 20 popularity-contest sudo popularity-contest | grep ''Debian popularity- contestsudo dpkg-reconfigure popularity-contest 23. Debian Print serverSSH serverStandard system utilities GRUB boot managerMBR (master boot record)YES 24. USB GRUB boot manager GRUB 5Debian 25. Debian(Desktop)Debianroot(su-)su -ufwvimapt-get install ufw vimufwSSHufw enableufw default denyufw allow ssh 26. sudovisudo/etc/sudoersVIM/etc/sudoersrootonlinesudo/etc/sudoersroot Debian initial user onlineonline root online ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALLroot root sudoroot Debianonline initial usersudo(group) onlinesudo/etc/sudoers 27. VIM/etc/apt/sources.listtesting mirrormirror/etc/apt/sources.listsudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade Debianstabletesting 28. Debianmate-desktop-environmentlightdmmate-desktop-environment MATE Desktop EnvironmentGnome 2LightDM (Light Display Manager) sudo apt-get install mate-desktop-environment lightdmDebiansudo sync; sudo shutdown -r nowMate 29. DebianMozila/FirefoxIceweaselGnome 3WebKitGTK+ EpiphanyKDEKonqueror Iceweaselsudo apt-get install iceweaselflashplugin-nonfreeFlash Player 30. GoogleChrome64Debian64-bitdeb Mate Terminalsudo dpkg -i google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deblibcurl3xdg-utilssudo apt-get install libappindicator1 libcurl3 xdg-utils apt-get apt-get -f install -f aptitude apt-get aptitude apt-get 31. sudo apt-get install ttf-arphic-ukai ttf-arphic-uming ttf-wqy-microhei ttf-wqy-zenheisudo apt-get install im-config fcitx fcitx-frontend-all fcitx-ui-classic fcitx-table-cangjie3im-configfcitxFcitx Configuration locale en_US.UTF-8 32. Debian en_US.UTF-8locale Linux CLE (Chinese GNU/Linux Extensions) Linux 33. DebianOfficeLibreOfficesudo apt-get install libreoffice 34. Debian Debian ALSA sudo alsactl initsudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restartMate Volume Control VMware Player Debian (Host) Volume Control 35. Thank you Debian GNU/Linux 7 (Wheezy)