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Aryabhatta Collage of Engineering and Research Centre ,AjmerSUBMITTED TO:Prof. Dheeraj Singodia

Department of Electrical Engineering


NUCLEAR POWER CORPORATION OF INDIA LIMITED The Nuclear power Corporation Of India Limited (NPCIL) is a government owned corporation of India based in Mumbai.NPCIL is administrated by the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) , Part of the Ministry of Science and Technology. NPCIL was created in September 1987 as public limited company under the companies act 1956, "with the objective of undertaking the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the atomic power stations for generation of electricity in pursuance of the schemes and programmes of the Government of India under the provision of the Atomic Energy Act 1962." All nuclear power plants operated by the company are certified for ISO-14001 (Environment Management System). NPCIL is responsible for design, construction, commissioning and operation of nuclear power reactors. Atomic Energy Act, 1962. NPCIL has also equity participation in BHAVINI, an organization formed for implementation for Fast Breeder Reactors programme in the country

Nuclear power plant in India

Operating units:-Tarapura Atomic Power station : 2*160MW , 2*540MWRajasthan Atomic Power station :100MW,200MW,4*220MWMadras Atomic Power station :2*220MWNarora Atomic Power station :2*220MWKakrapar Atomic Power station :2*220MWKaiga Atomic Power station :4*220MWKundankulam Atomic Power station :1000MW

RAJASTHAN ATOMIC POWER PLANT Rawatbhata remote town in Chittorgarh district about 64 kms from Kota, an industrial city of Rajasthan.The land selected is in between Rana Pratap sagar dam & Gandhi sagar dam at the right bank of Chambal River. The water from the reservoir of the Rana Pratap sagar Dam serves the requirement of the Nuclear Power Plant.There are six PHWR unit. One 100 Mwe, One 200 MWe, Four 220 Mwe unit.For employees various colonies are constructed with all the domestic facilities.

INDIA INSTALlED CAPACITY & % SHARE BY VARIOUS SOURCESPresent capacity 2,98,000 MW Thermal 71% Coal 62% Gas 8.5% Diesel 0.5% Hydro 15.5% Wind / Renewable 11.5% Nuclear 2%

Why should we use nuclear energy generation ?Comparision of fuel required to generate 1MU electricity

Comparison of fuels 1 kg fire wood 1 KWh

1 kg coal 3 KWh

1 kg oil. 4 KWh

1 kg uranium. 50,000 KWh

1 kg plutonium 60,00,000 KWh


Nuclear power plant layout (phwr)

Component of Power PlANTReactor BuildingCalandria Steam generator TurbineHeat ExchangerModerator Cooling tower Waste Management plant

Reactor building

Components of reactor buildingCalandria Control mechanismHeat exchanger Pumps Moderator


It is heart of reactor and form the core of reactor. It consist of:- Nuclear fuel control rods moderatorIt has 306 channels in these 306 channels we have 12 fuel rod , in each fuel rod we have 19 pencil , each pencil has 12 pellets of fuel .

Fuel bundle Uranium fuel is used in the form of Uranium dioxide (U2O). Natural Uranium contains- 0.71% U(235) 99.2% U(238) 0.0055% U(234)One bundle of fuel contains 19 pencil (1,612 pencil)A fuel rod consist of 13.5 kg of fuel

Heat exchanger It has 2 different supply :- 1: D2O 2: DM The D2O water will act as a Primary supply and DM water as a secondary supplyHeat of primary is transferred to secondary supply

Steam generatorHere the K.E of steam is convered to Electric energy. It contains a set of turbines which Are mounted on shaft of the generator.In RAPS generators are of :-1*110MW1*200MW4*220MW


It converts kinetic energy of steam into mechanical energy

Rated speed: 3000 rpm Two turbine are usedHigh pressure turbineLow pressure turbine


it is a specialized heat exchanger in which air and water are brought into direct contact with each other in order to reduce the water temperature.The residual heat is condensed by the help of cooling tower There are two type of cooling towerNatural draft cooling tower(NDCT)Induced draft cooling tower(IDCT)

Natural draft cooling tower

Induced draft cooling tower

Waste management plant Here we have 3 types of wastes:-Solid wasteLiquid wasteGaseous waste

Environmental monitoringEnvironmental Survey Lab started functioning in the site prior to commencement of operation of NPP.Samples of water, vegetation are periodically analyzed.No change is observed from the levels persisted earlier to plant operation. Abundant numbers of fishes and crocodiles are found in RAPS lake.Many animals have their home at RAPS exclusion zone like monkey, peacock, deer ,etc. Many fruit bearing trees are seen around RAPS site

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