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  1. 1. [Research] Assign 10: Analysing real OTS
  2. 2. After watching 15 OTS in class, we have made the following 10 observations: Horror films generally use non-linear or symbolic OTS The use of music is a key part of the OTS Most OTS reveal some of the characters in the film CGI is common in symbolic OTS It establishes the genre Reveals the basis of the storyline Sometimes reveals the setting OTS can reinforce or contradict common themes in the films Music is used to set the tone of the film Reveals the themes that will appear in the film
  3. 3. Felix Bartletts OTS notes:
  4. 4. Gareth Tyrrells OTS notes:
  5. 5. Fabian Hoggs OTS notes:
  6. 6. We were really inspired by the following 4 OTS: Evil Dead
  7. 7. Who will analyse what: Felix Bartlett Gareth Tyrrell Fabian Hogg Evil Dead Zombieland
  8. 8. Evil Dead By: Felix Bartlett
  9. 9. Answers Its a symbolic OTS: Its used to introduce the themes that will appear in the film; in this case those themes are blood, violence etc The themes shown are blood, gore, violence, weapons, death, murder, horror, and evil The OTS prepares for the film by: Establishing the sub-genre: Devil & Demon & Hell Establishing the themes as previously mentioned Giving the audience a glimpse of some of the events that will occur in the film Creates narrative enigma?: No characters are revealed in the OTS Reveals some events that will happen in the movie through the symbolic intro Makes the audience question who will die in the film and how
  10. 10. Answers (cont) It doesnt challenge the themes and conventions of the genre: Symbolic OTS are quite common in horror films now Uses themes and symbolism common to the sub-genre Reinforces the themes common to the genre through the use of CGI Presents credits and main title by: Smaller font size used for cast roles and bigger font for names Font is in red to symbolise blood The main title fills the screen, is coloured in a glowing red and shows trees growing across the title, revealing the setting.
  11. 11. I enjoyed... The following slides illustrate what I enjoyed and found effective
  12. 12. Bold font for the title & the use of trees, revealing the setting
  13. 13. Extreme close up shots & placement and font of credits
  14. 14. Use of weapons and blood to symbolise themes and future events in the film
  15. 15. Use of low key lighting
  16. 16. Slow-motion shots and use of fast cuts

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