PPAP 101: What You Should Know About PPAP

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What is a PPAP (production part approval process) and how does it work? We answer the basic questions about PPAP and how it's used in this presentation.

Text of PPAP 101: What You Should Know About PPAP

  • 1. PPAP 101RAPID GLOBAL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, INC.what you should know about ppapfrom

2. what is PPAP?for starters 3. what is PPAP?www.rgbsi.comPRODUCTIONPARTAPPROVALPROCESSAPPP 4. A standardized process in the automotive and aerospace industries that helps manufacturers and suppliers communicate and approve production designs and processes before, during, and after manufacture.what is PPAP?production part approval process: (noun) 5. Essentially, PPAP helps ensure that a products parts can be reproduced again and again with the same quality and results.what is PPAP?www.rgbsi.comPRODUCTIONPARTAPPROVALPROCESSAPPP 6. PPAP is currently governed by the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG).For our automotive friends: 7. They make sure everyone is following the same PPAP process; they make the rules.what is PPAP?automotive industry action group (AIAG) 8. in a PPAP?whats included 9. PPAP requirements can be found in a PPAP manual.(theres one for aerospace and automotive) 10. whats included in a PPAP?www.rgbsi.comPRODUCTIONPARTAPPROVALPROCESSAPPPWe find the PPAP requirements in a manual. 11. whats included in a PPAP?www.rgbsi.comPRODUCTIONPARTAPPROVALPROCESSAPPPThe manuals have PPAP checklists which include all requirements, called elements, for a complete PPAP package. 12. www.rgbsi.comLevel 1Level 3Level 2Level 4Level 5whats included in a PPAP?There are 5 different levels of PPAPs identified on the checklists.Each level has specific requirements for each element and indicates which elements should be submitted to the customer. 13. PPAP elements?what are the required 14. what are the required PPAP elements?The required elements are different for the automotive and aerospace industries.**Note: there are no standardized aerospace PPAPs. Many aerospace companies have developed their own process. 15. what are the required PPAP elements?Automotive requirementsDesign recordsEngineering change docsDesign FMEAProcess Flow DiagramsProcess FMEAControl PlanMSADimensional AnalysisMaterial Performance ReviewsInitial Process StudiesQualified Laboratory DocumentationARRMaster SampleChecking AidsRecords of CompliancePSWSample Product 16. what are the required PPAP elements?Aerospace requirementsProduction PO and Demand FulfillmentProduction DrawingsChange DocsCustomer Engineering ApprovalDFMEAProcess Flow DiagramsPFMEADimensional ReportProduction Verification TestingProcess Approval and Non- Destructive TestingMeasurement System AnalysisEngineering Planning/Source ApprovalInitial Process and Readiness StudyMaterial Certification DocumentationControl PlanAppearance Approval ReportRaw Material ApprovalPackage Preservation and Labeling Approval 17. PPAP negotiation necessary?why is 18. PPAP is a work plan or strategy. 19. why is PPAP negotiation necessary?www.rgbsi.comPRODUCTIONPARTAPPROVALPROCESSAPPPNot every PPAP is the same, so negotiation helps to ensure that both parties (the customer and the supplier) have the same expectations. 20. PPAP required?when is a 21. Any time a new part or change to an existing part or process is being planned. 22. when is a PPAP required?www.rgbsi.comPRODUCTIONPARTAPPROVALPROCESSAPPPPPAPs protect customers and consumers, making suppliers responsible for organizing and developing quality products. 23. Need to know more about PPAP?RGBSI can help.