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  • 1. Wood Joints & Carpentary ToolsPresented by:DCRUST, Murthal

2. CARPENTRY TOOLS1. Try Square2. Steel Rule3. Marking Guage4. Coping Saw5. Tenon Saw6. Penon Saw7. Ironjack Plane8. Benchwise 3. Name that toolTry Square This is used to mark lines at 90degrees to a straight edge. It is used to mark out lines square tothe face edge and face side. It may also be used to check if edgesare straight. If the try square isplaced on the edge of the materialand held up to a light, any lightshining through between the materialand the try square blade indicatesthat the edge of the material is notstraight. 4. Name that toolSteel Rule A steel rule is a very accurate markingand measuring tool. The steel is thin andthe markings on the rule are very fine. The measurements are in millimetres onone edge and inches on the other. The steel rule can also be used as astraight edge to check if materials oredges of materials are straight. The measurements on the steel rule goall the way to the end unlike the plasticruler. This is because the rule may beused to measure inside pipes. It mayalso be used to measure diameters andcircumferences of pipes and tubesaccurately. The end of the rule with themeasurements to the edge is called thezero end. 5. Name that toolA Marking Gauge The marking gauge is used on wood. It is used to mark straight linesparallel to a straight edge. The marking tool has an adjustablestock (the stock slides up and downthe stem) and is set using a steelrule. When in use the stock must bepressed tightly against the face edgeof the material. It is pushed awayfrom the body with the spur (backend of the pin) inclined at an angle.The point should leave a narrowgroove along the face surface. 6. Name that toolA Coping Saw Coping saws are used to removecomplicated shapes and cut curvesin woods and plastics. The blade is held in a frame and maybe easily replaced if broken. The teeth of the blade pointbackwards towards the handle. The saw cuts on the pull stroke andnot on the forward stroke. This isbecause the blade is too flexible tobe pushed. The blade can be angled in the frameif the frame gets in the way whencutting larger sheet materials. 7. Name that toolA Tenon Saw Tenon saws are used to cut straightcuts in wood and some plastics. This type of saw has a stiff back andis suitable for detailed cuts. The saws without this type of stiffback are more flexible and aredesigned to cut large panels. The tenon saw is generally used tocut woodwork joints. 8. Name that toolA Panel SawLarge panels or sheets of materialsfor example plywood or M.D.Frequire larger ripsaws in order tocut them by hand.Sheets that are small enough may beheld in the vice whereas largersheets may need to be supportedon special types of portablecarpenter's supports calledtrestles. 9. WOOD JOINTS AND TOOLSWOOD PLANES 1. Ironjack Planeis used to makesmooth surface. 2. It is made ofCast Iron. 10. BENCH VICEA bench vice is secured on the work bench togrip work piece while it is worked on. 11. CommonWoodworking JointsBeginning WoodworkingJoints 12. Lap JointThe lap Joint is obtained by overlapping the woods 13. Mortise & Tenon Joint-Very Strong-Used on legand railconstruction 14. Thanks!!!


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