Vehicle tracking system using GSM and GPS

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Text of Vehicle tracking system using GSM and GPS

Vehicle tracking and locking system

Real time Vehicle tracking systemUsing GPS and GSM

230 to 12 VStep Down TransformerAT89S52cMAX232GSM ModemGPS Modem16x2 LCD DisplayRelay

Block Diagram:

Power Supply

Transformer(12-0-12)V :i) Step down ii) 0-9V with 500mA

Rectifier:=> Bridge Rectifier => Bidirectional to unidirectional

Voltage Regulator: 7805 for 5V constant DC

Filter: => Capacitor of 1000F and 25/50V

AT89S52 Microcontroller:


Features:Compatibility with the MCS 51 family8-bit CPU frequency up to 33MHz;RAM: 256 BytesFlash memory: 8K Bytes3 timers / counters of 16 bits;Two data pointers1 serial port (full duplex UART)supports up to 10 000 rewritescontains the oscillator;Short programming time.



To Find location by using Latitude and Longitude data

Why we use GPS ?Features of GPS:24 Satellites at different orbitsRevolve around Earth twice a dayFor a 2D location, 3 GPS Satellites are usedFor a 3D location, more than 3 Satellites are used

How it Works ?TriangulationAugmentation

A GPS Signal contains three different bits of information

(1).Pseudo random code

(2).Ephemeris data

(3).Almanac dataTHE SIGNAL


Receivers require clear line-of-sight; thus, they will not work indoors or where tall objects obscure the sky


IC MAX232: MAX232 IC is used to convert the TTL/CMOS logic levels to RS232 logic levels during serial communication of microcontrollers with PCThe controller operates at TTL logic level (0-5V)

whereas the serial communication in PC works on RS232 standards (-25 V to + 25V)

Schematic Diagram

APPLICATIONS: Stolen vehicle recovery . Field service management. It is used for food delivery and car rental companies.

ADVANTAGES: It provides more security than other system. From the remote place we can access the system.