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  • Presented by 1Snehal Jaiswal 2Dipali Khond
  • Snehal- History What Wi-Vi is? Operating principle -how it works? Dipali- Development &futuristic uses Conclusion
  • Its research has been done prominently at MITs Computer Science and Intelligence Laboratory. By Dina Kitabi ,a professor in MITs Department of Electrical engineering and computer science ,and her graduate student Fadel Adib.
  • WI-VI is a wireless device that captures moving objects behind a wall using low power WI-FI signal. This tech uses reflected WI-FI signal to track movements of people behind wall.
  • Based on the principle of RADAR and SONAR imaging(doppler effect). Its similar to the way radar and sonar work but without the expensive ,bulky gear and restricted frequencies that radar requires. Depends on its own transmitting signal.
  • Wi-Vi relies on a simple hardware of 2.4 GHZ WI-FI radios. WI-FI signals easily penetrate through walls. Small enough to be portably used. Integrated in hand held devices.
  • WI-VI uses two transmitting antennas and a receiver. Transmitting signals are low power WI-FI signals. The two antennas transmit almost identical signals, except the second antennas signal is a inverse of first ,resulting in its interference.
  • As the person moves through the rooms, his or her distance from the receiver changes, meaning the time it takes for the reflected signal to make its way back to the receiver changes.
  • Low cost Low power Small size
  • Low resolution. Short range of communication. Low quality of images.
  • Possible use in smart phones as a hand held device. Monitoring situations in hospitals,malls,hotels, etc. Disaster recovery Gaming Military purpose
  • Smart hand held device which give an insight vision through walls. Could prove to be very powerful device for defence purpose. Further improvement will allow WI-VI to become more expressive hence hoping new directions of virtual reality.
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