10 Things Not To Be Missed At Hobbledown

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Hobbledown isnt hailed as one of the leading childrens farms in London for no reason you know


  • 1. Horton Lane, Epsom, Surrey, KT19 8PT 0843 289 4979

2. 10 Things Not To Be Missed at Hobbledown Hobbledown is one of the leading adventure play areas and childrens farms in London. Boasting a wealth of indoor and outdoor activities to keep you little ones occupied it is easy to see why parents sometimes get overwhelmed. It is for this reason we have created the top 10 list of things not to be missed at Hobbledown this Winter. 3. 1. Huck, Tipp, Eliza & Professor Topperpott Based on the incredibly successful book of the same name Hobbledown brings to life not only the setting of the book but the characters too. Make sure you keep an eye out for Huck and Tipp on an adventure somewhere and Eliza too. Shes easy to spot as she often sports peacock feathers in her hair. 4. 2. Hobbledown Village With its twirling maze of tunnels to explore, this is a must for all young adventurers. 5. 3. Hobbledown Play Barn The British weather can be rather questionable sometimes but have no fear, if you do happen to come on a day when it is raining then head for the play barn. This amazing indoor play area has mazes to explore, ropes to climb and layers and layers of fun to investigate. 6. 4. Field Of Confusion This wonderful outdoor maze area is fantastic for letting kids blow of steam. Run through the ivy tunnels and around the bamboo obstacles, attempt it together or why not make it a race? 7. 5. The Farm Hobbledown isnt hailed as one of the leading childrens farms in London for no reason you know They have pigs, cows, donkeys and geese as well as otters, meerkats and even a peacock. The farm at Hobbledown cannot be missed! 8. 6. Hobnosh Food is an imperative part of any adventure so its lucky that the Hobnosh canteen at Hobbledown has a wonderful mixture of hot and cold food, drinks and snacks. We recommend the Mac n Cheese or the Fish Finger Wrapyum! 9. 7. High Ropes For those brave enough to scale to the top of Hobbledown Village there is and amazing array of high wire activities to enjoy. Be sure to check out the rickety bridge, the criss cross path and of course the view. 10. 8. Jumping Pillows Are you always telling your kids not to jump on the bed? Well now you can tell them they can. Be sure to check out the huge green outdoor jumping pillows. Go Crazy! 11. 9. The Zip Wire Whats an adventure without a zip wire? Fly through the air across Hobbledown Village without holding on if youre brave enough. 12. 10. Special Visitors If you are planning on heading to Hobbledown this Winter then make sure if you go on a Monday, Saturday or Sunday that you keep an eye out for a special visitor. The North Poles most famous resident is paying multiple visits to Hobbledown to write his list and check it twice, find out if little girls and boys have been naughty or nice.. 13. 10 Things Not To Be Missed at Hobbledown To find out more about Hobbledown, visit their website or call them on 0843 289 4979.