10 ways to make your wedding memorable

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<ul><li><p>10 Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable </p><p>While you are planning your wedding, the main thing which requires </p><p>brainstorming is how to entertain your guests. Apart from the usual routine, </p><p>lets go off the track and make your wedding a memorable one. Hiring an </p><p>entertainment company can take off a major burden off you, as they are </p><p>capable enough to arrange everything, from catering, music, to lighting and </p><p>decoration. </p><p>Add some personal touch by following the below ideas to make your wedding a </p><p>remarkable one! </p><p>Invite Guests for a Surprise Dance Routine </p><p>Say Bye to the very old Hands-On-Shoulder dance, and throw a surprise </p><p>dance competition for all your guests, with only one condition, THEY CANT </p><p>STEP BACK! Arrange for upbeat Wedding DJ services in Perth, and dance on </p><p>some of the best chartbusting numbers. </p><p>http://www.groovenightavenue.com.au/wedding-dj-perth/</p></li><li><p>Plan a Live DJ </p><p>Live music is known to be a great way to maintain the entertainment factor and </p><p>engage people in dancing and having fun. Book a talented DJ for hire in Perth, </p><p>or you can avail outstanding Wedding DJ services in Perth under affordable </p><p>packages. If youre one big music fanatic, then it would be a perfect wedding </p><p>memory for you and the guests. </p><p>Instagram it! </p><p>Create an exclusive wedding hash tag and ask people to hashtag your </p><p>wedding. Not only on Instagram, but also on FB, Twitter and Snapchat! Invest in </p><p>some selfie sticks, toss some images and upload it. Also, ask your friends and </p><p>families who are active on social media websites to use the hashtags. </p><p>A Bonfire after a Wedding? High-Five! </p><p>Usually the wedding ends with people seeing off, wishing each other goodbyes </p><p>and couple moving forward with their life. Instead, plan a bonfire; give your </p><p>guests a surprise with gooey smores and toasted marshmallows at their </p><p>service. Ask your guests to be comfortable and pick a stick. Get a DJ for hire in </p><p>Perth, who can add a little bit of melodies to the beautiful evening. </p><p>http://www.groovenightavenue.com.au/dj-hire-perth/</p></li><li><p>Instead of Tossing, Dedicate the Bouquet </p><p>Go off the trail by dedicating the bouquet to the woman or even man, who has </p><p>made a huge impact on the brides life. Guests will surely welcome this change </p><p>with a warm heart, giving you the best memories to cherish. </p></li></ul>