25 word pitch ideas for my magazine

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25 word pitch ideas


  • 1. These are all fonts I found on awebsite called dingbatty.com whichoffers a variety of fonts from which Ihave selected a few that caught ,yeye, my decision is not final andmay not be based on one of theseideas but I will keep researching.My particular favourite is this oneas it is classy as well as unique,however I am not too sure it followsmy genre.
  • 2. I have researched different title ideas by asking friends and looking onlineat some of my favourite artists lyrics and album names. Overall i havecame up with 5 different ideas from which I will select one. Diamond- I came up with this as I was looking at picture of a rap artist who had an excessive amount of diamonds on, also it connotes wealth and fame. Chronic-I chose this name as it was Dr Dre 2001 album name, however the meaning is a little bit inappropriate, however my magazine will be about attitude. ACE- I chose this name as it is one of the most powerful cards in a deck and it co notates power and the ability to win. Platinum- I chose this as when a music artist is really successful their album can become platinum and it is a very rare metal so it makes the magazine seem rare and special OG- I chose this name as my genre is Hip hop/ Rap, and this is a term used to describe an Original Gangster.
  • 3. I have carefully selected three stylesof colour pallets which i may featureon my magazine, including blackand white is key in my opinion as itensures that the magazine presentsclass and clarity. I have chosen anextra main colour which I will includeon main things like the master head,orange is one of my choices as it isclear and resembles brightness,purple has been chosen as it is aroyal colour and appears formal,and lastly I have chosen red whichis an obvious choice as mostmagazines feature this scheme,however i wonder if it is tooconventional.
  • 4. I have analysed a contents page such asthis in my analysis I like the fact that themain image is the focus on the page andthat it is in match which the colour pallet, themain heading is also attractive as it isscrambled and stands out, however i am notto keen on the main text of the page as Ifeel it is too small and does not really lookprofessional.
  • 5. The contents page from the XXL magazineis my second option to form the layout ofmy contents page around. I feel it isslightly better than the previous model as ituses the space wiser. The main image isstill the focus on the page and looksprofessional. The main title and text is alsoproperly structured which is what I like in amagazine. I think I will use elements of thisin my magazine.
  • 6. I chose to consider the layout fromthis magazine as it is an alternativegenre and I thought I would branchout, however I do not particularlylike the layout or the crammedinformation on the page, it is all tocongested in my opinion.
  • 7. 1. Interview with pretend music artist about them returning to the music scene2. Interview with music artist about their alternative hip hop genre3. Top 10 up and coming music artists4. How to dress like? Wiz khalifa, maybe another artist5. General interview with music artist about their journey6. Top 10 rap artists of all time7. Out of prison, what will he do next? Interview with pretend artist
  • 8. For my front cover I have e decided to have one of my friends as a model thefollowing points I will present will combine together to construct a stylish cover. 1. The model will be wearing clothes that fit my genre below i ahve pictures of some of the things that the model will be wearing.
  • 9. 2. It is key that the model is posing in the conventional Original gangster fashion e.g. folding arms angry face3. The model will also need to be in either a plain background or an area that is well lit and resembles the thug culture such as an estate.