5 Things Not To Do At A Concert

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A lot of people go to concerts to enjoy the music. Other people go to pick fights and start stuff. Here's a list of what not to do at a concert so everyone can enjoy it.


  • 1. 5 Things Not To Do At A Concert

2. When I go to concerts I like to enjoy them and not be bugged because somebody else came to fight or doesn't like the band that's playing. 3. Here is a list of 5 things you shouldn't do at a concert so other people may enjoy 4. #1

  • Don't throw crowd surfers into the ground
  • I know crowd surfers are annoying.

5. That doesn't mean to hurt them sometimes they need to get out of the crowd for different reasons mainly to get some air. 6. #2

  • Don't head bang if you don't have room.
  • If it's a crowded concert and you have to push someone away to head bang. Don't do it.

7. Go somewhere there's not a crowd. 8. #3

  • Don't pick fights in the mosh pit.
  • If you are coming to the concert just to start fights and not for the music you should probably stay home.

9. The new form of mosh pitting and hardcore dancing is weird. I know but nobody wants their face smashed to the ground. 10. #4

  • Don't throw hard objects at the band on stage.
  • Whether you like the band or not. I don't think you'd like to get hit in the head with some hard object.

11. This also goes for don't rush the stage to touch or beat someone up whose in a band. 12. #5

  • Don't throw your beverage everywhere.
  • This includes spitting it up in the air, throwing it off the balcony of the bar. I don't care what your choice of drink is but I don't like to leave the concert all sticky.

13. Be Respectful

  • It all comes down to being respectful towards people that way everyone can have a good time. If you have to be a jerk in public stay in your house and watch the concert video on youtube.

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