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  • 1. I.IntroductionII. DataIII.SWOTIV. Music Branding StrategyV.Managerial Mix TapeVI. Rockstar SuiteVII.Mash UpVIII. PricingIX. Closing

2. Enhance marketing effectiveness Influence in-store behavior Affect consumers perceptions Create an emotional connectionwith consumersUltimately Strengthen AE brand awareness Enhance brand loyalty Drive conversion 3. Gender? 300 ParticipantsMale35% Qualtrics MarketingSoftwareFemale 65%Age?18-19College?20-21 No 18%22-2425-29 30+Yes0 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 82% 4. Genres Expected Genres Expected (Everyone)(AE Core Customers)Alternative AlternativeClassical/InstrumentalClassical/InstrumentalCountry Country House/TechnoHouse/Techno Indie IndieJazzJazzPop Pop PunkPunk R&B R&BRap Rap RockRock 0% 20% 40% 60% 80%0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 5. Brand and Music60%50%40%30%20% American Eagle Aeropostale10% Hollister Abercrombie0%Agree Indifferent Disagree 6. STRENGTHS OPPORTUNITIES First steps in Solidification ofmusic brandingmusic: brand Consensus ofconnectionmusical fit Online WEAKNESSESTHREATS Weak connection Misconceptionsbetween brand of musicand music affiliation Competitionsassociationwith AEs music 7. Based off of concepts created by Heartbeat Inc CEO Jakob Lusensky 8. Store Manager acts as DJ Control in-store environment with premade, situation-specific mixesGoals Invoke specific moods Create an attractive shopping atmosphere Encourage productivity of staff Influence customer/staff interactions Affect perceptions of total quality Drive sales 9. Fast Slow Loud Volume Soft Volume 10. Group music into playlists organizedaround beats per minute (BPM) Play at certain volume level basedupon present in-store situation Train store managers in correct usageof MMT Managers discretion to manipulatesetting to optimize the store situation 11. Simple random sample of 100 storesfor pilot program Comparison of pilot stores averagerevenue growth relative that of controlstores Wider implementation pending positiveresults 12. Remodel changing rooms Our vision: rocking out to AE CollegeRadio in new AE apparel Create an enjoyable, interactive experience Create a competitive edge for AE Create an innovative in-store experience Drive in-store profits and conversion 13. AESocial Networks Characteristics Do youDo you tolike being Photographed? Do you shop alone new things? prefer enjoy to try or with others? 4Square Always Bold Facebookwith othersFlickrDisagree Classy6% Google+Sometimes with others IndifferentLinkedIn No20% Friendly38%MySpace Sometimes AloneInnovativeTwitterYes RedditQuality Always Alone 62% AgreeTumblr74%UpbeatOther 0% 10% 20%30%40% 50% 0%0%20% 10% 40%20% 60% 30%80% 40%100%50% 14. Create a unique in-store experience Drive in-store sales Connect the AE brand with your music Viral advertising Strengthen brand awareness Drive conversion 15. Number of customers enteringRockstar Suite Songs played Photos uploaded online Increase in sales for particular storeswith Rockstar Suite 16. Introduce a Mash Up contest forcollege students & young aspiring DJs Have fans vote online for their favoritemash up Involve (20-21yr old) consumers Increase online traffic Create excitement Drive word-of-mouth advertising 17. Announce contest (6 week run time) People allowed up to 5 songsubmissions AE judges narrow the field to top 20 Voting on AE website (2 week run time) Prize breakdown for Top 10 18. Increase brand awareness/ internettraffic Control download costs Standardize competition 19. 12 On-Campus AE Mash Up Block Party Offer the top 5 DJs an opportunity to tour Involves utilizing AEs network of CollegeRepresentatives 20. Contest Contest participants Increase in web traffic Number of votes cast Increase in social media engagementBlock Party Number of attendees Revenue increase in surroundingstores 21. Based off of concepts created by Heartbeat Inc CEO Jakob Lusensky 22. Total Cost for Mix Tape$0Total Cost for 170 AE Rockstar Suites $ 739,491.50Total Cost for Mash-Up$ 275,100.00Total Cost for Mash-Up Block Party$ 480,000.00(12 Cross-Country Tours)TOTAL BUDGET$ 1,494,591.50EXCESS CASH-FLOW$ 5,408.50 23. 1. North, Adrian, and David Hargreaves. The Social and Applied Psychology of Music. New York: Oxford: University Press, 2008. Print.2. North, Adrian, and David Hargreaves. The Social Psychology of Music. New York: Oxford: University Press, 1986. Print.3. Muzak. 2011. Web. .4. 2011.Web..5. 2011.Web..6. 2011.Web..7. 2011.Web..8. 2011.Web..