Ancillary Task Digi Pack Analysis

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  • 1. Ancillary Tasks Digipack analysis

2. David Grumel This digipack conforms to most conventions as expected The artist name is included as well as the album, which is a necessity The tracks are listed and it would appear that there are bonus tracks too Other things such as the artist logo and a barcode is also included as per convention 3. Design Overall, the design is very slick incorporating pictures of the artist It is also very simple but incorporates all the necessarry information I like the fact that there is no text over the photos, this creates minimilism The font works very well as does the white colour throught the text 4. What can I take from this The simplicity works very well, especially the white text, so I will think about using a similar idea The pictures with no text are also very nice so I will most certainly consider doing something similar 5. Mental Disclipline Again, this conforms to most conventions It conforms to most conventions Artist information is included as well as the name of the artist and lyrics of songs Pictures are however limited to background shots 6. Design The design is very subtle but clever The dark background colours work nicely to allow the text to stand out and creates enigma The title font is clever and works well for the type of band this is but may be a little unclear from a distance 7. What can I take from this? I particularly like how the text colour contrasts the background and would do the same if I was to make a digipack I also like how the title text matches the band name and will explore this possibility for my design 8. Myth This conforms to most conventions and has a picture of the artist in some form There is also a logo for the artist The track list also includes details about the tracks which is a common feature on digipacks There are many images covering the digipack 9. Design The design is a little bit brighter here but bright contrasts with dark, especially the white bit on the mans face which makes things stand out There is a good range of colours which work well The only problem is that the logo is not very clear 10. What can I take from this? I like the range of colours and how they work together in a subtle way and would use this technique if I were to make a digipack I also like the fact that the white mask contrasts with the mans face-this could have connotations of good vs. evil