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AUDIENCE RESEARCHI designed a questionnaire as my research method, i wanted to find out many things about my audience for example i wanted to find out things like where do they download there music, whats there favourite websites, how much do they spend on musical gadgets, do they download or buy cds, do they know anyone who downloads illegally or do they prefer to purchase there music lastely do they go clubing, musical festivals and do they travel to go watch different gigs. I wanted to know these things so that i would have an idea of the type video i would be making and who was most likely to be interested, my main focus was to target those where listned to the pop genre because that is the music my artist writes and producers although he did used to be involved in the hip-pop scene.  I believe questionnaires are easier and quicker and much more effiecent way to get results from the target market becuase i can get a general view on anything i want to know easier and quiker and on a larger scale.I put different images to try and demonstrate the results i got from my questionnaire.


Question 1. How old are you Most of the people i asked seemed to be between the ages of 17-20 plus, i went around the school campass asking a mixture of people to complete the questionnaire.

Question 2. Are you male or female.The majority of the people who completed my questionnaire where female 60% where female 40% where Male. 

Question 3. What type of music do you listen to?  The audience i asked where very versatile, they listened to a variety of music  but the majority listened to Rnb Pop and soft rock.  Question 4. What type of music videos do you like the most?was one of the questions i asked, most people agreed that they liked videos that was fast paced and had lots of action encluding dance routines because it visually it was much more exciting than slow paced video. Some people said they liked videos that where closely linked to the lyrics because they could engage with the singer/ band much better.

Question 5. Out of these artists which one do you like the most and why? I gave them a choice between Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Justin Timbalake, Tinchy Stryder etc and the audience i asked said they liked Tinchy Stryder because he is a Uk artist whose shot to fame in a shot space of time and his music is versatile and his videos tend to be simple but still manages to be creative and interesting, and his music appeals to rnb, dance, pop fans. 

Question 6. What is it about music that usually grabs your attention?  This question was an important one because i wanted to know what i could do to get the viewers attention straight away, most people said special effects and fast paced action would grab their attention, if the video had lots of different clips that featured something new and different then they would like it, some videos are repetitve which is boring, so if a video has got different things going on then it would grab their attention instantly.

Question 7. Do you usually buy cds or do you downloadA lot of people said that they used to buy cds but because it's now easier to download music they do that instead, however some people do buy their music from itunes, but most download from limewire, frostwire, youtubedownloader etc

Question 8. Do you like a music video with lots of speacial effects or just a simple video.  I got a mixture of answers from this, a lot of people said they like the video that are simple and professional looking e.g. the type of videos that the artist Neyo tends to have, then some people said they like lots of action, colours, dancing and a fair amount of special effects to make the video interesting. 


Question 9. If you had to name someone from the Rnb, pop, hip-pop, indie etc music scene, whose style do you like the most.  The people that where chosen varied, some people said they liked gwen stephani's style, some people said they liked kanye west, Pink, Alicia Dixon, Justin Timbalake, Ti, Lady gaga, Jls Pharrel Wiliams, Robin Thickie etc  

Question 10. How much do you say you spend on musical gadgets.  Everyone likes to invest in ipods, headphones, laptops,phones and some people that i asked said in a year they would have spent a little over £100 on musical gadgets because they no its and investment that will last long, some people said they only buy phones that have everything in it already that way they dont have to spend to much money

Question 11. What sites do you go on to listen to music. Youtube was of cause the most popular site that people listened to, myspace to keep up with new bands, pandora radio,music on demand,

Question 12. What music channels to you watch the most.  MTV base has always the people favourite music channel for years, but there have been new ones to emerge e.g. Viva, TMF etc but the results i got back showed that they watched Mtv and the Kiss channel because it shows the most recent artists and new music.

Question 13.Do you go to gigs, festivals clubs and how many time in a year or a month do you. A lot of young people tend to go clubbing because its much affordable, but there are those who can afford to travel and to to festivals 30% percent of the people said they go to gigs 20% said they go to festivals and 50% said they would rather go clubbing.


Question 14.  Where do watch music videos tv/ online Watching videos and other programmes online has became very popular because more people have access to laptops and home computers, 70% of my participants said that they prefer to watch music videos online because that they can see videos that are not always shown on tv, some of the people said they liked watching music videos online while they where doing things like coursework homework etc 30% said that they like to watch music videos on tv becuase its a much better experience than it is to watch them online.

Question 15. Do you see value is a well put together digipak. Most people i asked this question said that they were not really sure what a digipak was, so i had to print out some pictures to give them an idea, once they new what it was exactly, they said digipaks are expensive compared to cds and albums but if you really like a certain artists music then its worth investing in something like a greatest hits digipak would be a good investment.