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My Influence Presentation.By Salaffina Dore.

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  • 1.BeyoncKnowles

2. Background InformationBeyonc Giselle Knowles started her musiccareer as an artist in the R&B girl groupDestiny Child. Late 1990 s she becamefamous as the lead singer.When Destiny Child first formed there was4, and they in got narrowed to three. Thewell-known destiny child is Beyonc, KellyAnd Michelle (picture on the right)They produced hit singles such as jumping, jumping bills bills bll s and say my name (linksbelow). They won a number of American music awards 2001-2005. 2001 they received 2Grammy awards one for Best R&B song say my name and best R&B vocal performance byduo or group. In 2002 they received a Brit award for the best international group. In 2005they got nominated for BET Award and in the same year won a BET Award for Best Group.They continued to win a Billboard music award 2005-2006.They also won 2 NAACP image award, 2 Nickelodeon kids choice awards, 10, Soul Train Ladyof Soul Awards, MTVAward.Destiny Child- Bills Bills Bills- 3. Beyonc after Destiny ChildDestiny Child split due to all three of them wanting to peruse solocareers. In 2003 Beyonc released her first solo artist song, Crazy InLove Featuring JayZ, it went to the top of the pop singles charts, and wasalso voted n.o1 in the VH1 s charts. Baby Boy featuring Sean Paul alsocame number 1 in 2003, following irreplaceable became n.o1 in 2006.Her album dangerously in love hit #1 in the U.S. and U.K. eventuallyselling over 4 million copies in the U.S. and 8 million worldwide. 3 moretop 10 pop singles from the album followed in quick succession.In 2004 Beyonc received a number of Grammys. Best Female R&B VocalPerformance, "Dangerously In Love"Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal for her duet withLuther Vandross for "The Closer I Get To You";, Best R&B Song,"Crazy InLove" with Jay-Z;Best Contemporary R&B Album, "Dangerously In Love";Best Rap/Sung Collaboration ,"Crazy In Love" with Jay-Z.She continued to receive awards in 2004 for Brit Awards, 2003 VH1awards for big entertainer, MTV music awards 2003 and 2004, BETawards 2004 and many more along the years.It is evident that even as a solo artist she is an amazing inspiration, andentertainer for both males and females and puts a lot of effort into hercareer to please her fans.Crazy In Love- 4. Further SuccessesAs well as successful music, Beyonc has also had success with her perfumes. She has a websiteof her perfumes which tell her fans about the perfumes. I want women to feel sexy, strong,empowered and I want them to feel like they can conquer anything. When they walk into a room, Iwant them to feel like they can leave a lasting impression on everyone they walk past (when on the website click the perfumes to view informationand explore the site) Both of her perfumes Heat and Heat Rush arrived on the market in 2010and has am amazingly huge success.Late 2011 (recently) Beyonc Knowles released herthird perfume to the market called Pulse (which is alsoon the website) which has already bin proven toalready be an massive achievement. As she hasreceived positive feedback from her fans on twitter(view on the website) Due to Beyonc effort thought her career she had created bold attractive advertisements from her perfumes which also widened her target audience for her perfume and increase her fan base, as the adverts is attractive and appealing to men and women, women who want to be/smell like Beyonc and men who want the females to be/smell like Beyonc. (links below) Heat- Pulse- 5. Film CareerIn-between Beyoncs music career she made space for a film career. In 2002Beyonc Knowles starred in a film next to Austin powers as one of the maincharacters; Austin Powers in Goldmember. A comedy. It was a very successfulfilm and defiantly gave a boost to her career.The year after she starred in a film called The Fighting Temptations. Shestarred as one of the main characters again along side Cuba Gooding Jr, a veryfamous male American actor, who stars in mostly comedy films. The FightingTemptations was also an Comedy genre film.Beyonc has also featured in other comedy films such asThe Pink Panther 2005, again as one of the man charactersside-by-side with Steve Martin, a well-know comedian actor.She was also the main character in the drama, musical,Dream girls in 2006 along side Jenifer Hudson and JamieFoxx, and Eddie Murphy.Beyonc Knowles also starred in a document called Fade ToBlack in 2004 with JayZ, Mary J Blige, Missy Elliot andR.Kelly. The document was about the greatest night in hip-hop, and the greatest hip hop artist.Fade To Black Part 1 - 6. Music VideosBeyonc Knowles is well known for herexcellent effort in performance in musicvideos and on stage. When watching hermusic videos we realise that she has avariety of performance and narrative songs,some include both. Most of her slower R&Bsongs have a narrative which is common forslow R&B love longs, however most of hersongs have an up beat; an upbeat thatchorography could be made for. In thesemusic videos, 90% of the time she is showndancing with backing dancers.Because of the divide of narrative andperformance videos I will analyse two of herlatest songs from her latest album 4 . thisalbum has a variety of songs slow and upbeat, which shows Beyonc has a variety of 1. Beyonc - 1+1 -R&B songs which her fans can relate to.YouTube 2.Beyonc - Love On Top - YouTube 7. 1. Narrative1+1 is a song that expresses her/ or a womens feeling towardsthere partner/husband. Although the video doesn t look much like astory, though the movements and lyrics it creates an narrative.Because there isnt really a visual narrative the video is kept quietbasic and abstract, so it draws more attention to the lyrics as thelyrics tell the story of the song. The plain simple background with attracts the viewers to what shes saying more then whats happening in the videoMovement used throughout thevideo which adds to thenarrative/story telling. It revelsand emphasis the lyrics of thesongs and how these lyricseffect her feelings andemotions. 8. When the music video is The black backgroundopened it immediate fades emphasis the shine andinto mid/close up showing sparkles on Beyonc s face andher shoulders and her face. shoulders, this automaticallybrings attention to her as thesong starts.As the song startsa close up isshown, showingmore detail andfacial expressionwhich emphasisemotion andfeelings to createthe narrative The gold glow on her skin emphasis that she is the point view, and is in contrast with the dark background. The low key lighting tells the viewer straight away that she is centre spotlight 9. Mi se- en-d era Angles An ene Camsc Editing 10. Close UpsClose ups are used to show emotion and facialexpressions, and in music videos this is key,especially if the video has a narrative. Close ups helpthe narrative run smooth and realistic. By the audiencebeing able to see the emotion on the artists face itlinks to the video and the song which helps theaudience of the genre engage and relate to the songlyrics and the video itself.In Beyonc s music video, even though theres nonarrative, she is apparent throughout the video, stillexpressing the lyrics of the song through her bodymovements and facial expressions, this creates andequal effect as a video with a narrative, if not better.By having a number of close ups though out the videoand no narrative its easier for the audience to watchher and only her as there is nothing else to see, thisalmost persuades the audience to look at herexpressions and to feel what shes feeling through thelyrics and visually.As well as feelings and expression close ups alsoshow the beauty of Beyonc, this attracts bothgenders male and females. 11. Extreme Close UpsThroughout the beginning of the video it is evident that extremeclose ups are continuously used to create a sexual, emotion feelingfrom the audience. As you can see by the screenshots, the extremeclose ups are of Beyonc s lips and eyes (the two most dominate,attractive facial features on a female). The shots show the beautyand detail of the lips and eyes, this may emphasis that Beyonc iseye candy to the media audience, females want to be like her andmales want her, so the close ups are attracting both genders of theaudience. 12. A few mid shots are shown within the music video to contributeMid-Shots to the wide range of camera angles that are already used. Midshots are important shots if the aim is to show enough in theshot to see the facial expression, body posture and language.Mid shots are also used to show costume and props dependingon if the music video is abstract or a narrative.As you can see on the left, snapshots from the music video thathave a mid shot that I think that an effect on the music videowhen attracting the target audience, as well as the fullaudience.In this video in particular, the mid shots are used to showBeyonc the neck and to the chest area. This is to show half ofwhat Beyonc s wearing almost leaving the audience half of herbeauty and body leaving them to continue watching to see therest. As this would attract males, due to her being eye candy, italso attracts females as they are engaged in fashion andclothing and would like to see what she wears tin her videos.Beyonc is known foe her body figure and is know to show herlegs and stomach, some may say it comes across asprovocative and some may agree it is just part of being abeautiful female artist who also has a nice body. The mid shotsalso show her expressions, which keeps the audienceconcentrated on the lyrics and the moral of the song and sothey can relate. 13. Long ShotsAs a result of the song being a slow love song not a lot of long shots are used, mostlymid shots and close ups are u