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  • 1. Blink 182 This still image is from the Blink 182 music video of All The Small Things and shows the band playing a live gig in front of a large audience. Already, this shot emphasises how this band is very unconventional for its genre. For example, the genre of this band would be alternative pop/rock, whereas the fact that they have a large audience to play in front of connotes that they are not that alternative.

2. Blink 182 The plot for this video is very vague as the lyrics and video do not link in any way; the song is about the things that the singers girlfriend did for him and this is emphasised by the lyric She left me roses by the stairs, surprises let me know she cares, whereas the video is all about challenging conventions and breaking the rules. For example, the scene and costumes change throughout the video to connote the idea of how different this band is and how they try to challenge all the conventions of a boy band. 3. Blink 182 The costumes used in this video have been chosen specifically as they mimic other bands, and this band has a reputation for disregarding all conventions and humouring all other bands that follow such conventions. For example, throughout the video the costumes that are used are extremely similar to those used by bands such as the Backstreet Boys. However, it is not only costumes that this band uses to humour these more conventional bands. Blink 182 also copy dance routines and locations from these bands music videos. This has been done as it emphasises the idea that they frown on the more conventional bands. 4. Blink 182 As I have decided to create a music video for a band that is in the alternative pop/rock genre, I believe that the idea of creating a video that represents the many ways that my band challenges conventions would be a good idea to look into. Although I do believe that because of the many costumes needed it may be very difficult to create. 5. Blink182 - All The Small Things Radial Analysis Setting The location also contradicts the conventions of their genre. The band hare shown to be playing in many different locations including the beach, a car park and an airport. These locations have been chosen because even though they a re not conventional of this genre, they allow the band to ridicule typical things seen in music videos. 6. Blink 182 All The Small Things Radial Analysis For example, a member can be seen in what looks to be a provocative sequence but this ends up to be no more than somebody spilling water on him while washing a coach.Also, conventionally an alternative band would not be playing live gigs to tens of thousands of people. However, throughout the video during live shots there is clearly a large audience visible just behind the band. By including such a large audience, the band are again anchoring the idea that they class themselves as alternative as they follow their own rules. 7. Blink 182 All The Small Things Radial Analysis Camera Angles The camera angle used within this shot connotes the power that the band may have over their audience, but also how they are idolised by their audience. This angle may have also been used to emphasise the idea that this band is better and stronger than those bands that decide to follow stereotypes and conventions. 8. Blink 182 All The Small Things Radial Analysis Also, the only time that this type of shot is used is when the band are playing themselves and are in their own clothes; when playing as other recognisable bands the shot is almost always at eye level with the viewer. This could again anchor the idea that this band is superior as they do not follow typical conventions. 9. Blink 182 All The Small Things Radial Analysis Costume The costume used within this frame has been chosen specifically to represent the bands own personalities as all other costumes used within the video represent their feelings and opinions rather than their personality and character. However, the costumes used in this frame are also of very similar colours showing the relationship and connections between the band members. 10. Blink 182 All The Small Things Radial Analysis Although the three quarter length shorts are very conventional of this genre, the rest of the costume goes against the conventions and stereotypes for this genre. This could show how the band are not classed as alternative because they follow the conventions of that genre, but rather they follow their own individual rules. 11. Blink 182 All The Small Things Radial Analysis Colours The colours used throughout the video are consistently bright. However, when it comes to the live shots the colours within the scene becomes significantly darker. This can be seen in the still from the bands video. The darker colours may have been used when the band members are playing themselves to show the seriousness of this section of the video. 12. Blink 182 All The Small Things Radial Analysis This idea is also emphasised by the use of a brighter, louder mixture of colours that is used in all the other scenes as this anchors the idea that in these scenes the members are showing a more childish and playful side. The brighter colours that are used also have positive connotations signifying that this video is about having fun.