British artist produced stunning light paintings by flashlight and led lights

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  1. 1. Artist Produced Stunning LightPaintings by Flashlight and LED LightsAccording to the reports from British media, on the British Overseas Territory - Guernsey island,an artist used flashlights, light sticks and other luminous things, as well as a camera adjusted todelay exposure mode, to create a plenty of beautiful "light paintings", making us eyes-opening.According to the reports, the 31-year-old professional "light painting" painter David (DavidGilliver) keeped focusing on the "light painting" in more than 200 nights in the past 20 months,
  2. 2. has already spent 5,000 pounds for this. He has a set of "light painting" tools and a camerawith tripod, just waiting for night to fall, then he can "flex his muscles", to create beautifulphotos to embellish the night, and even the ordinary venues can become colorful.With regard to the content of painting, David prefers to puting the swirling light curve with flowbeauty and circles which look mysterious around the real objects. These will be completed bycolorful, large and small flashlights, light sticks, dimmable LED lights and other props, as wellas a camera after adjusting, without real pigment and Sketchpad.