Connected TV -Using a Smart TV for consumer engagement Clive Dickens COO Absolute Radio

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  • 1. Connected TVUsing a Smart TV for consumer engagementClive Dickens COO Absolute Radio

2. Source : RAJAR Q4:11 IPSOS/RSL 10+ 3. Source : RAJAR Q4:11 IPSOS/RSL 10+ 4. Platform Neutral 5. Source : RAJAR Q4:11 IPSOS/RSL 10+ 6. 2.9m Install Base 7. Mobile Strategy More than Listen 8. Connected TV More than listen 9. ConnectedDual Screenbeta 10. UK Radio in one simple player 11. DATALo MoSo SOCIALLOCAL MOBILEis the new oilSoLo Mo 12. Access AudienceInteraction 13. MANCHESTER UTD V MANCHESTER CITY23.10.11 13.52 14. How does InStream work?BroadcastInStream 1InStream + 15. Synchronised, Branded Companion Visual to enhance Audio Interactive to allow deep engagement, when appropriate Exact age targeting, rather than demo breaksInStreamExact Location, rather Diary locationMost loyal logged in Subscriber audience, not just listeners Limited Premium inventory, less clutter, more stand outUpgradeable - More data to come Digital metrics 16. Logged In Listening viaConnected TV will helpRedefine Radio@cdickens