Digi pack analysis- Jack Johnson

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<ul><li> 1. DigiPack Analysis Jack Johnson- In between dreams </li></ul> <p> 2. Front cover 3. The bright yellow theme incorporated throughout the digipack , draws the audiences attention and creates a mellow happy vibe, linking to the acoustic style of jack Johnson The yellow and the black create a high contrast highlighting the silhouette of the tree and the figure (jack Johnson) The inclusion of the guitar silhouette represents the sound and genre of music Jack Johnson conforms too. Most of his tracks feature him playing the guitar anyway 4. The simple text featured at the top of the front cover reflect Jack Johnsons style of music. The black lettering of the artists name and white of the album name create a contrast to the bright background making them stand out The notion towards the natural element within the silhouette of the tree links to the natural, down to earth image and sound of Jack Johnson 5. Back Cover 6. Again we see the natural aspect of the tree. It is off to one side and therefore does not distract from the information Conforming to the simple nature of the album, the text is neat and contained Information is given to us about the record label, production company and further information about the artist, promoting not only the album, but previous hits or upcoming events, attracting a larger fan base 7. Inside 1 8. Carrying on the colour scheme and the black silhouettes, the natural element is carried forth with the inclusion of the leaf. Re-emphasising the tone of the album. The inclusion of the photograph behind the CD replicates the silhouette of the leaf, however is adds another dimension to the digipack and more colour 9. Inside 2 10. The artist is finally featured within the digi pack, however the main feature of the photo remains his guitar, conforming to the colour conventions of the album The leaf is included again relating to the rest of the digipack and the album name </p>