Employee Productivity

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  • 1. ProductivityMade by Mehwish khanCourse: Business Communication Course in charge : Khalil Ahmed

2. HIGHLIGHTS Definition of Productivity Significance Measurement Relationship between Effectivecommunication and productivity on job Productivity & Quality Productivity & Customer satisfaction Conclusion 3. Productivity is a measurement or calculation between inputsand outputs. 4. Significance Productivity directly affects a companys profit3530252015 Profit10 5 Productivity 0Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4 5. Measurement Work environment Motivation Work-flow processes Technology. 6. Relationship between Effectivecommunication and productivity on job Internal Communication Communication Tools Mobile Communication Social Networking 7. Internal Communication Effective internal communication provides clear information on an organizations goals, successes, challenges and operational issues affecting employees. 8. Communication Tools Tools, including email, fixed-line phone, voice mail, mobile phone, instant messaging and conferencing offer specific productivity benefits. 9. Mobile Communication Mobile communication enables employees away from their desks to maintain contact and access the data and applications they need to maintain productivity. 10. Social Networking Social networking can have a positive or negative effect on productivity, depending on how employees use it. 11. Productivity and Quality Meeting customers needHighEfficient qualityrateproducts EffectiveCommunication 12. PRODUCTIVITY AND CUSTOMERSATISFACTION Continual interaction with the customers Develop learning relationships The levels of productivity and quality should remain high. 13. CONCLUSION Profitability results when money is left overfrom sales after costs are paid Effective communication plays an importantrole in productivity Quality affects productivity Both affect profitability And eventually affects customer satisfaction Low Productivity And low quality results in losing customers and wasting resources.