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  • 1. Characterization Sakura Schweizer Thursday, August 29, 13

2. (O-)Totoro Totoro looks like an animal between an owl and a raccoon. Totoro lives in the camphor tree. Totoro does not speak. Totoro takes care of the forest, and tree he lives in. Others think of totoro as a mythical creature They are helpful and have good intentions, but what they think is not mentioned in the movie Thursday, August 29, 13 3. What does totoro look like Totoro is grey and has whiskers on his face. Totoro has a white stomach with grey trangles/arrows. It has round eyes, and sharp ears. Thursday, August 29, 13 4. Where does totoro live Totoro lives in the camphor tree. Thursday, August 29, 13 5. What does totoro do? Totoro protects the forest and the tree he lives in. Thursday, August 29, 13 6. what others think of him Totoro is a myth, and people look up to him, and respect him. He is friendly and very likable. Thursday, August 29, 13 7. Totoro thinks... About gathering seeds Playing his trumpet/whistle seeds whistle Thursday, August 29, 13 8. What Totoro says Totoro doesnt speak, he is silent. But he is helpful, and that helps him communicate with humans. Thursday, August 29, 13