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Evaluation part 1

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  • 1. Evaluation, Part 1

2. FastDancing editingLip SynchingBrightColoursMake-up Straight CutsCostumesMeaning orInstrumentsMessage 3. Lip Synching This is something I use a lot of in my video, and takes up about halfof the video. The lip synching is only used within the housesetting, and only in one position within the house. This is due to thefact I wanted to show how the girl feels trapped, that the onlyrestraint she has is herself, the message behind the video. 4. Costume The girl in my video throughout only has one costume, a cream lacedress. This is because I wanted to show that she had been trappedinside for a long time as lace is often associated with being oldfashioned. The fact that its cream and well kept also shows thatdespite being inside for so long she is longing to leave, and so getsdressed up for the occasion. She knows she will leave on day, andso takes care of it. 5. Make-up This is a key convention used in my video. During the musicalintroduction of the song various stages if the make-up is shown.The final creation continues to be shown throughout the lip-synching of the video. The make-up is of a cloudy blue sky featuringa rainbow. The make-up is there to clearly show the connectionbetween the song its self, Under the Sky. It also clearly shows thatshe dreams of leaving and being outside. 6. Instruments Instruments do not appear in my music video. This is because Iwanted to force the audience to focus on her face while she waslip-synching, to reflect the fact she feels trapped to the audience. Ialso wanted the audience to clearly understand how much shewants to be outside, that its all she thinks about. Even when in thevideo she looks through a book she imagines being outside. If aninstrument was used this may have belittled this. 7. Bright Colours These only appear in half of my video, the half when she is outside.This is because I wanted to show the darkness of her life wheninside the house, even the face paint comes across as dark. Whenshe is outside, it is much brighter, but with the setting being in aforest its only really green and brown, showing that despite her firststep she still needs to work harder. Her hair also changes, within thehouse its a more duller orange colour, while outside it is morevivid, again showing this idea of dark and light. 8. Editing The speed and of editing in my video changes. In the beginning it isslower to reflect the mood of the video I wanted to convey. At firstshe is scared to leave, but longs to. She then gets the courage up toleave it gets faster, and when she does leave there are a few longershots to show she is savouring the experience. It is also edited tothe beat at the start and half way through, which is not very fastnor slow. It also regularly cuts back to the lip synching for a fewseconds at a time. 9. Transitions The style of editing in my video uses mainly straight cuts likea lot of music videos. However, I also use several fades. Thisis to clearly show that these parts are within her imaginationand not real. 10. Dancing I do not use dancing in my video. This is because I felt that themusic didnt have a beat to dance to, it is more of anemotional song than one that can be danced to. 11. Messages and meaningsMost music videos will have a meaning or message, be it linked to the song or not. My video is clearly linked to the song, and while the song seems to tell a story of a relationship and the message to realise when to leave, my video ultimately has the same end message of leaving but it shown by a girl getting the courage to leave the house. 12. Some parts of my video are directlyinfluenced from others The make-up somewhat resembles that of PeterGabriels in his video Sledgehammer. This is where Igot the idea for the make-up in the first place, I thoughit fitted with my song. The constant and only use of close-ups when lip-synching comes from Sinead OConnors video NothingCompares 2u. I chose this as I wanted to show theemotion clearly of the girl. At first in my video sheseems somewhat undetermined, but as the songprogresses, and she becomes more desperate, heremotions start to show through more and more. The outfit and house setting comes from Birdys musicvideo Skinny Love. This show seems to also suggestthat the girl is trapped and does this well, and I wantedto recreate this in my video.