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1. Q2 HOW EFFECTIVE IS THE COMBINATIONOF YOUR MAIN PRODUCT AND ANCILLARYTASKS? 2. REPRESENTATION OF THE ARTIST IN MY MUSICVIDEOThe aim of a music video is to promote the artist, so it is essential for the director of a video shows the artist in the way the audience wants, My music video features a 17 year old female artist. I chose this particular person for my music video as I believe that she has natural flair and originality which I felt was necessary for this video, also I felt she had the right image and appearance that I wanted for the artist of this song.When I was filming the shots I ensured that it was apparent that she was singing so used many shots such as close-ups, mid-shots and extra-close up to capture her lips moving, this of course made it easier when matching the clips up with the lyrics and proves to the audience that she is the one actually singing. And includes two of Goodwins theory of analysis:The demands of the record label will include the need for lots of close ups of the artist and the artist may develop motifs which recur across their work (a visual style). There is frequency to notion of looking (screens, mirrors, stages, etc.) and particularly voyeuristic treatment of the female body. 3. The use of body language and facial expression is important in the musicvideo as it helps convey the mood and emotion to the audience, I have usedmany shots to capture the expression of the artist and the movement of herbody. For me the song has calming rhythm so it would not be suitable toinclude dancing or any upbeat movement. I purposely chose the simplebody movements and actions to enrich the song and make it pleasant towatch for its fans. At the end of the video, the artists mood changes andshows signs of happiness, this is connoted by the friendly interactionbetween herself and her friend. The main focus of this video is obviously theartist, but there are uses of props and iconography to help show themeanings of the lyrics in the song. 4. ICONOGRAPHY 5. USE OF EFFECTSI used a variety of effects in my music video in order to increase the appeal and interest tothe video, I included effects such as cross fading, reverse, colour change and speed change.The image on the left shows the use of colour change, at first I decided on making the wholeof the clip black and white, but I felt this was too sombre and depressing which overthrowsthe true emotions which are being presented. The sight use of colour show that it is a happythought for the artist compared to slightly unhappy undertone which was used in thebeginning of the video, the use of this effect connotes the change in mood and feeling forboth the audience and the artist. 6. USE OF CAMERA SHOTS