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1. How does your media product represent particular socialgroups?EVALUATION QUESTION 2. 2. The genre of music that my music magazine focuses on is housemusic, it is a genre of music that is normally heard at summerfestivals, house parties, bars and in clubs. The age group/generationthat you would find at these types of events is the youngergeneration stereotypically between the ages of 16 to 30. 3. My research into my target audience and their tastes in musicand magazines showed that the majority of them were agedbetween 16 and 25. This showed me that my magazine wouldattract the most popularity if I aimed to make that age group mytarget audience. 4. In my magazine, the artists that feature in it are of ayoung age themselves, this is another factor that wouldattract my target audience due to them both being on alevel that they can relate more easily. The clothing theywear also represents their age group as it fits with thestereotype that the younger generation are morefashion conscious. 5. The article in my magazine has an informal/ friendly style to itso that it almost feels that the reader is friends with the artistbeing interviewed or that they are in fact the one interviewingthem. The language used also has a friendly tone, it consistsof language that the younger audience can relate to. 6. Throughout the whole of my three pieces, I have attemptedto represent the younger generations the best way possible,I took into consideration the specific things that the youngergenerations are interested in, for example fashion and thegene of music that they listen to.