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Experience Design: Why Pages Are The Last Thing You Need To Worry About

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Annotations/Backstory available on my blog: http://www.exfoo.com/2009/03/emerging-experience-design-tenets/ Some thoughts on emerging approaches to designing experiences; major differences between traditional "IA" or "desktop publishing" and designing user experiences.

Text of Experience Design: Why Pages Are The Last Thing You Need To Worry About

  • Yeah, I Know...Right? I dont think that the guy from Finland who designed this slide ever read my article...
  • Anyway...Hi. Im Tim.
  • Twitter @nanotim
  • Experience Design Why Pages are the Last Things You Need To Worry About or...
  • How I Learned to Keep Jakob on the Shelf Until Im Designing a Page
  • So...Its Three Things Its Always 2, 3, or 5 Things...Right?
  • First Design Experiences - Not Pages
  • Second Grow Organically
  • Third Design Inside Out
  • Pages The Old Building Blocks
  • People Arent Looking for Pages They Want Answers
  • The Experience of Finding Digital Brings Drastic Changes to the Role of an Index
  • Search Was King Because Attribution Has Been Going to Last Click Share Video with Friends Gather Online Clue ! dropped in Show Watch Show Registration on Microsite View YouTube Video ! View YouTube Video ! Magazine Ad Impression ! Microsite Visit ! View Email ! Text Message ! Outdoor Display !
  • ! ! ? ! ? ! ! ? ? ? ! ! ? ? ! ? ? ? ? ? ! ! ! ! Real Behavior is Messy Mapping a Series of Interactions ? ! ! ! ! ? ? ! ! ! ? ? ! ?
  • So...Lets Design Experiences Behavior cannot be modeled in a Site Map
  • We Can Design Experiences And...then a Site Map
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  • In Review Design Experiences - Not Pages
  • In Review People Arent Looking for Pages People Are Looking for Answers + Entertainment Design the Experience, Then Design the Site Map Compile Stories to Describe the System
  • Part 2 Die, Enterprise, Die
  • Innovate, Then Integrate Design What Youre Going to Design
  • Are Those Requirements? Or, Are You Just Happy to See Me?
  • Whos Designing Here, Anyway? The Solution Is The Design
  • Design is Thinking, Made Visual - Saul Bass
  • A Word on UX + Creative How to Design Together
  • UX Roles Analyze the Challenge, State the Insight, Connect the Solution
  • UX Roles Understand Relationships Between Brand, Product, + People
  • UX Roles Fight for the User
  • Creative Roles Evoke Visceral Reactions
  • Creative Roles Make People Feel an Idea
  • Creative Roles Visualize Thinking
  • Comfortable Chaos The Best We Can Hope For, Sometimes...
  • In Review Grow Organically
  • In Review Enterprise Will Not Innovate by Nature Innovate, Then Integrate Requirements Are Not the Design Strive for Comfortable Chaos with Creative
  • Part 3 Design Inside Out + Outside In
  • The Real World Unstructured Data
  • Semantic Structures Even Indexed Information Is Not Optimal
  • Bottom-Up Tagging Limited by Quantity of Topics + Differences in Usage
  • Why Design Ontology? Multiple Concepts of Meaning for Organizing Content
  • What Does It All Mean? We Must Swing Both Ways
  • Create the Experience Provide the Context + Container
  • What Is the Experience? What Does the Brand Do? What Do People Do?
  • Create the Containers Whats the Context? Where Does This Happen?
  • In Review Design Inside Out
  • In Review The Best Index Still Yields a List Semantic = Strong Identifiers, Simpler Experiences Ontology = Good for Growing Structures Ontology != Silver Bullet Design the Heart of the Experience + Page/Context
  • Thanks, a lot... Please reach out Tim Richards Director, User Experience Razorfish [email protected] More at: feed.razorfish.com
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