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<p>First day of filming</p> <p>First day of filming 30th of October: Today was the first day of filming with the group The location which was added in our production where we were filming was at Kings cross station, and we decided to film the morning scenes for our video.However through out the day we faced some problems which didnt allow our filming to go as smoothly as we had hoped.Location Problem</p> <p>The first problem that we faced was when we reached our location which was Kings cross station, when we got there we were disappointed with the fact that there was building work occurring where we wanted to film, which became a problem for us as we had to think of brand new location as quick as possible.As a group we were able to tackle this issue quick and effectively and came up with a new location which was Barbican, which worked just as well with the ideas we had.However we did lose some filming time thinking of new location but we made up for the time that we had lost.</p> <p>The part of our production schedule which had to be changed</p> <p>This is an image of our first location which we then had to change because of the building work.The bottom image shows the location that we changed it to which was the Barbican centre Lighting problemIn our original production schedule we had planned to film our night scenes on Thursday 31st evening, but again another problem occurred because when we had gone to pick up our equipment, we were told that the lights that we requested were not available as other students had taken them and there's no more left, because of this problem we had to put a hold on filming our night scenes until college had started again. Which changed our production schedule. The idea of lights was very important to our music video because as it was what we wanted to use for our synergy therefore without the lights we would have no synergy.Nevertheless as group we stayed positive and thought about how we could use this time effectively and shoot other scenes which would be needed for our music video.In addition we also had problems with the performance.I was the performer in the music video and had issues with the lyrics as didnt allow my self enough time to learn all the lyrics therefore we weren't able to film full base tracks.moreover, as it was my first time performing like this in the camera it was hard to get used to it and make myself comfortable with being filmed therefore it took time for me to become more comfortable with the situation and less shy.At the end of the day the first day of filming went well as it allowed us to learn from our mistakes and become aware on what we need to improve on when we next film it also gave us inspiration and ideas on how to film other scenes .</p>