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  1. 1. Girls Tattoos - Why Are Girls Choosing Ink TattoosTattoos for Girls? Who would have thought that there would be so much demand today for ink tattoosamongst the female gender. What is driving this trend and how can girls find tattoos to suit their individualneeds?For centuries, tattoos have generally been associated with men. Whilst there are exceptions, such as tribaltattoos, girls in Western societies have tended to keep away from this form of body art. Instead they haveadorned themselves in jewelry and make-up. That has all changed in the last 10 years in particular. Why hasthis happened?I really have no facts upon which this hypothesis is formed, so I hope that you will comment on this articleto give your own perspectives. Anyway, here goesWith the exception of the past two years or so, we have all experienced booming economies.Unemployment has been at historically low levels and families have enjoyed the accumulation of wealthnot experienced in previous generations. So affordability is not an issue. However, this is not the primaryreason for the growing demand for ink tattoos for girls.Before exploring how wealth creating has contributed to the trend, lets explore another parallel trend.Never before have parents been stronger advocates for their children than in this generation of adults.What I mean by this is that children have become the centre of the universe for parents. Now I realize thatchildren have always been important, what I am saying is that parents have never devoted as much timeand resources to their children as the current generation. So what? How has this led to the adoption oftattoos amongst girls?The answer lies in the childhood experiences of the girls that are now acquiring tattoos. They have beenthe centre of attention for so long and because of the unprecedented spending power of their parents, theyhave become the me generation. It is all about me.Whereas in tough times people band together in communities to provide support for one another, in boomtimes there is not the need for this collectivism. People are more inclined to want to be individuals and toexpress their individualism. They want to be different and to stand out from the crowd. They also have adesire to express their individualism by conveying what is important to them, what they stand for in otherwords. What better way to express these views and to demonstrate an allegiance to certain values, beliefsand groups than with body art.Now I know that I have drawn a long straw here. As I said, this is a personal perspective only. I am happy tohear other points of view.Where there is demand, there is growth in supply (remember economics 101). As there has been so muchdemand for tattoos in recent times, the demand for unique designs and tattoo ideas has also grown. The
  2. 2. internet allows people to register on websites that contain literally thousands of tattoo ideas. Increasinglywe are seeing more websites dedicated specifically to the needs of girls. A tattoo is permanent, so findingthe right design is an important part of the process. Have a look at the links below for ideas of websitesdedicated to ink tattoos for girls.So there you have it! Unprecedented wealth and parents that are more focused on their children havecreated a me generation that wants to be individualistic.