Goldilocks & 3 bears

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2. Once upon a time there were three bears who lived in a house in the forest. 3. There was a great big father bear. 4. He always woke up when breakfast had readily been prepared. 5. There was a middle-sized mother bear. 6. And she loved to cook!! 7. Oh ya!! There was also a tiny baby bear!! 8. He was so cute and adorable!! 9. Yuhuuuu!! Breakfast is ready!! said the mother bear. 10. The father bear ..he often could not waitto take breakfast. 11. One morning, as usual they were sohappy to have porridge for the breakfast. 12. The little bear was keenly waiting for the father to start eating. 13. Slurrpppppemm 14. As the father bear took a sip of porridge, he suddenly spat out the porridge because it was too hot to be eaten. 15. So was the little bears porridge. It was so hot that he could not yet eat. 16. So they decided to go for a walk in the forest.Mother bear and little bear felt so happy! 17. They strolled along the pathway in the forest, not far from their house. 18. They left their porridge on the table so that the porridge can get cold easily. 19. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. HelllooooOh, hellloooooooo.. 20. Hey, that was a little Goldilocks!! 21. Anybody home??I wonder who lives here..emm 22. She saw the porridge on the table. Ohh.. Shewas so surprised and suddenly felt so hungry.. 23. She quickly walked to the table. 24. She wanted to eat the porridge from the bigbowl but it was too hot!! 25. So, she moved to the next bowlbut.emm..Ah! Its too cold!, she complained. 26. At last.. Emmm..yummmy! Its delicious. 27. She decided to eat the small bowl of porridge. 28. While in the forest, the air was so fresh and thelight breeze was gently blowing. 29. The three bears sang a song happily and walkedhome. 30. At home, Goldilocks ate all the little bears porridge!! 31. She felt so full and started to yawn. Her eyes seemed hard to open. 32. So, she sleepily went upstairs ,thinking of taking a nap. 33. Father Bears BedThere was a great big bed. So she climbed into the big bedand lay down. The bed was very hard and far too big. 34. Mother BearsBedBesides, there was a middle-sized bed. She tried the middle-sized bed, but that was far too soft. 35. Little Bears BedSo she climbed into the tiny little bed. It was neither too hard nor too soft. In fact, it was just all cozy and warm. 36. Meanwhile, the bears went back home happily andthey could not wait for the delicious porridge. 37. Three of them were now ready for their breakfast. 38. Unexpectedly, the father bear was very shocked when looking into his bowl. Half porridge left! 39. So did the mother bear. She looked into the bowland her porridge was also half left. 40. What made it even worse, the little bear noticed thathis was totally finished. His bowl was already empty. 41. The little bear complained to the parents, feeling unhappy about it. 42. They were both surprised! 43. At the moment, Goldilocks was soundly asleep upstairs. She even snored. 44. The three bears immediately went upstairs tocheck for the snoring sound. 45. Huh??!! 46. Mommy, I heard something! 47. They slowly opened the door of their room. 48. Again, the father bear was greatly surprised when looking at his bed. It was untidy! 49. The mother bear was also shocked for her bed was not as neat as how it was before she left home. 50. Knowing the parents bad condition, the little bear went to check for his own bed. 51. Oohh.. It was even worse. There was a girl layingon his bed, sleeping soundly! 52. The bears sound awoke Goldilocks. She then sawthe bears surprisingly and jumped out of the bed. 53. Goldilocks ran away so fast that the bears weretrying hard to catch her. 54. Without thinking too much, Goldilocks took a quickaction by climbing down the window. 55. She was so afraid!! 56. And she started to run quickly. 57. She went away to the deep forest hoping that she would never not be caught up. 58. Since then, Goldilocks was never seen again. The three bears lived happily ever after.